Social media advertising can be a perfect counterpart to search advertising.

If search attracts people already seeking your business, social media generates the demand to begin with. Sometimes, potential customers don’t even know to search for your products or service, or need to be “activated” in order to take interest.

Social advertising can be highly effective for:

  • Introducing new brands or products to market

  • Visually showing off a product that requires photography or video in order for customers to “get it”

  • Naturally inserting your brand into the way people keep up with their friends, from beautiful images showing your product in use to Instagram Stories reminding people that your big event is coming up

  • Adding social proof that your brand is legitimate and trusted by others

  • Targeting highly niche groups based on demographic, psychographic, or life-stage data

  • Reaching consumers natively on mobile devices, which continues to be a challenge for banner display advertising

Facebook is the 800-pound gorilla in the world of social networks, and added Instagram to its stable of properties in 2012. Delegator can also help test advertising on smaller networks, like YouTube, Reddit, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.


Compared to search, social media advertising is a different ball game. Managing advertising effectively on social media is a different game than on Google. For example, driving success on Facebook and Instagram requires:

  • Installing the right Facebook pixels on the website to enable proper tracking and attribution

  • Researching distinct audiences

  • Creating multiple versions of ads for each audience that test messaging and imagery

  • Selecting the optimization criteria based on the campaign KPIs

  • Monitoring results across audiences and ads to ensure that the ad budget is being spent on the highest impact areas

  • Identifying when an ad has “gone stale” and needs to be cycled out with fresh creative

  • Reporting on the effectiveness of the ads, and areas of improvement