Creative Solutions

Our in-house Creative Solutions team is skilled at unlocking the creative potential of your business. We dive deep to understand your specific needs, context, and offerings to then create something that matches your vision. Regardless of your industry or target audience, having a strong visual identity that differentiates is critical. In today's world, people judge a brand, product, or service in a split second, which means it's important to have a well thought-out aesthetic and consistent marketing materials that resonate with your audience. Let us help you tell your story and connect with your audience in a way that sets you apart.

Solutions We Offer

Digital Ad Creative

Our team offers Digital Ad Creative services to complement and enhance your digital advertising campaigns. Our team will take the time to learn about your audience, business context, and creative goals to develop assets that draw attention and align with your brand. We have experience developing creative for most platforms, ranging from static images to animated videos. Whether developing a standalone ad or an entire multi-platform campaign with dynamic ads across each, you can trust us to elevate your digital advertising efforts with visually stunning and effective ad creative.

Branding Design & Strategy

Branding is an integral part of your business that affects everything. Our Branding Design & Strategy services can help you build your brand the right way. Our goal is to understand your business goals and audience, then help you create a brand that matches your vision. We start by simply listening and understanding your goals for your brand, and from there we begin implementing your vision, ultimately resulting in a complete brand guideline for your business. We want to partner with you to create the right image and message for your business to connect you to your target audience.

Email Marketing

Our Email Marketing services offer comprehensive support for businesses looking to connect with their audience through direct, personalized campaigns. We help with strategy and design, list building, and segmentation, to make sure your emails reach the right people with the right message at the right time. We also provide an email account audit service that identifies areas for improvement and potential risks in your email marketing strategy, so you can be sure your campaigns are as effective and efficient as possible.

Logo Design

If you’re not looking for a full rebrand but want to refresh your logo, we offer a standalone Logo Design service. We begin by listening and understanding your goals and vision for your new logo. Our team of experienced designers will use this information to create a logo that will stand the test of time and can be deployed across all mediums. Once the design is finalized, you will receive a final logo package with everything you need to begin using it everywhere, giving you the flexibility to use it as you choose.

Video Animation

Our Video Animation service delivers assets that stand out from your competition. Video has become the preferred format for easy-to-digest content that allows you to transform complex ideas, products, or services into an engaging and short message. Our skilled team can help execute your vision in a way that speaks to your audience and aligns with your branding. From explainer-style videos to more realistic storytelling, our team can deliver a wide range of styles that meet your needs.

Graphic Design

Our Graphic Design service offers support for businesses looking to enhance their marketing campaigns. We provide a wide range of services such as brochures, trade show materials, business cards, and organic social media graphics. Our team of experienced designers will work closely with you to create designs that effectively communicate your message and align with your brand. Let us partner with you to elevate your marketing efforts with professional and effective graphic design solutions.

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Consolidating Multiple Websites Into One | Impact Electronic Solutions

Impact Electronic Solutions was consolidating multiple business units into one and needed a new website to comprehensively tell its story and explain its wide range of solutions to prospective clients.

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Brand Identity Development | Inman Social

Delegator worked with a restauranteur and chef to create a brand identity for their newly re-vamped restaurant.

McLemore Logo

Refreshing Creative Assets to Boost Conversion Rate | McLemore Resort

We partner with an up-and-coming golf resort to increase their bookings and drive new business. We create a refreshed set of creative assets honed to appeal to specific audience segment targets, resulting in increases in clickthrough rate and conversion rate.

Our Creative Process

We believe a structured creative process is key to delivering consistent, high-quality work on time. Our process is designed to handle the complexity of creative projects that involve the participation of multiple teams. By following a streamlined process from start to finish, we are able to ensure each project runs smoothly and meets your needs. We approach creative projects like a relay race, with various tasks and responsibilities passed among team members as soon as the prerequisites are met for the next leg of the process to begin. Our process is the track that keeps everyone moving toward the finish line.


A small but critical step in the lifespan of a project request — once a formal request comes in, our team begins gathering the resources necessary for the project. How this request comes in will vary client to client.


A vital pre-step to discovery, scope is where we learn at a high level about your goals, deliverables, intended audience, timeline, and budget for your project. Once we have established this baseline information, our team provides an estimate on time and cost for moving forward.


Behind the scenes, and in parallel to discovery, our team prepares several key elements to ensure the project’s success. This includes our discovery questionnaire, project brief, project management structure, statement of work, and organizing any client provided project assets.

Discovery & Kickoff

Once the project has been scoped out and proper resources have been allocated, it is time to dive in deeper as a collaborative group. We kick off every project by making sure we are all aligned, internally and externally, by asking the right questions. Additionally, our team refines the outlined expectations and timelines for the project.


This phase is where we implement the concept and strategy we developed. Often this is the most significant phase of the project cycle. Whether the build is design, development, or production — there are several checkpoints along the way to ensure the plan we developed together is being executed to your satisfaction.


Once the agreed-upon deliverable is complete and approved, it is time to launch. Whether a well-structured handoff to our ad management team or going live with a new website, our team has developed robust quality assurance protocols that allow for a smooth launch.


As we learn, we adjust based on our findings. Depending on the project, it is our goal to optimize and adapt based on the data we see. There is no room for pride in our process – we want to deliver creative that works for each unique audience, so we make sure to learn from each iteration.

What Others Say

They gave us a professional site that is easy to update. Creating a website is a new process for me, but they took the time to teach and create a "how to" manual. They were easy to communicate with and made the whole process not overwhelming. — Marketing Coordinator, Exhibit Design and Production Company
They're a one stop shop for all of our digital marketing needs and we appreciate the very personalized approach and that we work with the same individuals on a month to month basis. — Lauren Roberson, Director of Marketing, PrimeImaging
The team — including their designers and engineers — was truly intelligent, and working with them was easy. — Director of Marketing, Nonprofit Financial Institution
Delegator has been responsive and offers creative solutions to our needs. — Katherine Woodell, Director of Digital Engagement, Veritas Forum
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