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We are an agency partner you can trust.

Founded by owners with a background in ecommerce, we’ve been on your side of the table, searching for a trustworthy agency partner who cared about our business goals with the same intensity we ourselves did. So we founded our own agency out of necessity — the necessity to bring trust, expertise, and results back to digital advertising.

Our Story


In 2009, Stephen Culp and Andrew Scarbrough were running a growing ecommerce business, searching for an agency partner who could consistently deliver their three elements of trust — integrity, expertise, and results — but were unable to find what they needed. They founded Delegator because they were unable to find an agency they could trust to deliver honest results.


As an agency, we are not willing to compromise our values for an easy win. We ask questions, searching for answers to every problem. We offer suggestions, without criticizing those we are trying to help. And everything we do begins with the assumption that we are all on the same side, building something together.


Our expertise is not static. The engine driving our expertise is the constant desire for improvement — improvement in our understanding of the platforms we work with and how their capabilities change, in how new skills can be developed to meet evolving needs, and in the scale and efficiency of marketing results. With nearly 15 years as an agency in the ever-changing landscape of digital advertising, we know better than most that the greatest asset we can develop is our ability to never be completely satisfied with “good enough.”


Delegator delivers. We do not care about vanity metrics and ego has no place in our work — which means in order to be successful in what we do, we must produce real value for our clients. Whether that means creating the perfect creative assets or running an effective multi-platform campaign, our focus is on bottom-line results.

Trust is earned. Our team is hands-on and deeply committed to unusually high standards in every aspect of our work. We believe if we want to build something — whether that something is a brilliant advertising campaign or a beautiful new website — the cornerstone will always be a partnership based on trust.


Andrew Scarbrough


Clay McDonald

Director of Operations

Joanna Fiorentino

Director of Digital Advertising

Jonny Stovall

Creative & Web Director

Join Our Team

We are always looking to grow our team with people who share our values. Creating value through hard work and diligence is our stock and trade. If that’s something that interests you, reach out and we can connect.


Our Approach

We approach our client relationships as partnerships, so you can rely on us as a trusted extension of your marketing team rather than as a mere vendor. A trust-based relationship allows us to communicate more effectively, align our goals, and anticipate one another’s needs. Put simply, our approach is to make your goals our goals.


Our Services

From digital advertising to creative and web development, our service offerings provide our clients with the tools and resources necessary to succeed in the digital marketplace. Explore what we’re capable of solving for you.

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Tennessee’s first Google Premier Partner

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As a top 3% agency in Google’s Premier Partner program, Delegator has exclusive access to early betas, extra support tiers, strategic insights, and industry vertical reports and tools for the Google Ads platform.

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