Delegator and Google Partner Presentation, June 25, 2015

Digital Advertising

Diligent campaign management exclusively from our onshore team

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Proactive Analytics

Master your data to increase conversions while cutting spending

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Trust Us to Maximize
Your Digital Advertising ROI

Delegator combines digital advertising, analytics, and consulting to make brands more competitive and profitable online. Data drives our approach, enabling us to obtain optimal levels of traffic and conversions with the least amount of investment.


Delegator focuses only on digital advertising. Unlike agencies that claim to be universal experts, our specialization enables us to deliver optimal results.

Innovative and current, Delegator is one of Google’s few preferred agency partners and boasts leadership in alternative advertising channels for industries with special restrictions and requirements.



Delegator tracks every dollar invested and returned from campaigns. Instead of guessing whether you are spending your marketing budget effectively, Delegator determines which campaigns are performing the best and improves on them constantly.

We proactively test and optimize your ads, and we set up reports and dashboards that let us both see what is and isn’t working.



Delegator serves as an extension of your team; we advance your priorities. Employee-owned, Delegator answers to clients, not investors. We want to grow with you.

Our onshore team in Chattanooga is lean and responsive. Compared to agencies in larger cities, our overhead is minimal. We never own your data or platforms.


Delegator, a Premier Google Partner

Google Partner

  • First official Google Partner in Tennessee
  • 20+ Certifications across AdWords Search, Display, Mobile, Video, Shopping, and Analytics
  • 6+ years of partnership experience
  • Exclusive access to Google data, services, and programs for our clients

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