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We don’t compromise our values, so you don’t have to settle.

We work collaboratively as your partner to earn your trust so you can rely on us as an extension of your marketing team rather than as a mere vendor. A trust-based relationship allows us to communicate more effectively, align our goals, and anticipate one another’s needs. Put simply, our approach is to make your goals our goals.

In a digital marketing environment, there’s often an abundance of data, but a scarcity of insight. This is because data doesn’t truly speak for itself – data must be understood within the context of the campaign, our knowledge of past experience, and our intuition about how people make decisions in the real world.

You simply can’t do that without immersing yourself in the details of the products, the business context, unit economics, margin profile, competitive differentiators, and dozens of other important considerations that make your business unique. We enable this deeper level of understanding by assigning fewer accounts per team member, tailoring our analysis and reporting to each client’s specific needs, and collaborating closely with your team.


Our Approach

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Before we make any changes or recommendations, we take a deep dive into your industry and business to formulate concrete, attainable goals. Our strategies take the long view, looking toward sustainable results rather than looking for “magic bullets”. To this end, we dive deep, conducting discovery meetings, auditing existing accounts, and identifying what’s working and what isn’t to create a tailored strategy for your unique business objectives.


As your partner, Delegator thinks about what you’re trying to accomplish holistically. If we’re helping with your digital advertising, we’ll be thinking about conversion rate optimization as well. If you want us to help you develop some new creative, we’re going to ask about what other campaigns will be running alongside it.


We are performance marketers who understand digital marketing requires attentive, resourceful management to succeed. Accordingly, our team of experts has unusually high standards for performance, a results-oriented mindset, a strong sense of integrity, and a clear-eyed approach to strategy.


We strive to be a partner to all of our clients, which means we aren’t trying to keep any secrets — our secret sauce isn’t a secret, it’s working as closely with you as possible to achieve your goals. If there is knowledge to be shared, we share it. We’ll tell you if we think something is a bad idea, even if it would be profitable for us to keep it to ourselves. After nearly 15 years, we’ve seen others cut corners and learned more is lost by going for short term wins than by building lasting partnerships based in trust.


Whether developing new creative assets or managing your digital advertising campaigns, your team at Delegator works hands-on to provide you with the best possible service. We don’t have a “set it and forget it” option, which means that, rather than relying on automated tools, we're constantly working toward your goals directly, including making recommendations for improvements, generating ideas, and exploring new avenues for growth.


As your partner, we constantly look for areas of improvement in every project we are working on. Everything from exploring new ideas for ad creative, all the way up to testing new campaign structures or platforms. We also stay up to date on developments in the industry, changes in trends, or even opportunities outside of our direct purview to capitalize on. We’re comprehensive in our approach to our partnerships, because a holistic approach is most likely to drive results.


Analysis and reporting drive our approach. Effective decision-making is only as good as the data it’s based on, so we organize your data into an easy-to-read, live-reporting custom dashboard available to you 24/7. Our experts use insights gleaned from your data to continuously improve and enhance your advertising and explore new marketing opportunities, leading to more traffic, more sales, and a stronger presence online.

Our Results

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Consolidating Multiple Websites Into One | Impact Electronic Solutions

Impact Electronic Solutions was consolidating multiple business units into one and needed a new website to comprehensively tell its story and explain its wide range of solutions to prospective clients.

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Brand Identity Development | Inman Social

Delegator worked with a restauranteur and chef to create a brand identity for their newly re-vamped restaurant.

Website Redesign Done Right | Southeast Lineman Training Center

Southeast Lineman Training Center (SLTC) needed a new website with improved information architecture, user experience, and manageability.

MBT Shoes Logo

Testing the Viability of Bing Shopping Over Search | MBT USA

We partnered with MBT, a leading footwear company, to boost sales on Bing, which was struggling to perform. By pivoting their campaign strategy from Bing Search to Bing Shopping, we were able to increase both revenue and return on ad spend.

McLemore Logo

Refreshing Creative Assets to Boost Conversion Rate | McLemore Resort

We partner with an up-and-coming golf resort to increase their bookings and drive new business. We create a refreshed set of creative assets honed to appeal to specific audience segment targets, resulting in increases in clickthrough rate and conversion rate.

Scaling Budgets Efficiently on Black Friday and Cyber Monday | Storyville Coffee

We partner with a Seattle-based coffee roaster to increase their subscription and sales numbers on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. By scaling budget, ending underperforming campaigns, and testing new audiences we were able to improve their primary key performance indicators.

Lowering Cost Per View with YouTube Ads | The Veritas Forum

We partner with a non-profit working to reach students on college campuses with their forum-style discussions to increase their viewer and subscriber count on YouTube. We reorganized and systematized their creative testing to determine the most effective ad style to reach their target audience, while honing audiences to decrease their cost per view.

Increasing Ecommerce Sales With Shifting Pricing | BullionMax

We partner with an ecommerce bullion retailer to increase sales and build value through increasing audience targeting. After a three month test, we find a viable path forward for growth, increasing sales and expanding to additional platforms and ad types.

What Our Clients Say

Delegator has been responsive and offers creative solutions to our needs. — Katherine Woodell, Director of Digital Engagement, Veritas Forum
We were impressed by how willing the team was to try new ideas. — VP of Marketing, SaverLife
They were always quick to implement changes to our needs and knew what to do to meet and exceed our goals. — Mike Poepping, Director of Digital Marketing, Rawlings Sporting Goods
Delegator’s organization and communication are outstanding. — Andy Klein, CMO, BullionMax
Their communication is always top-notch. When a request is presented, they always respond in a timely manner. — Lauren Roberson, Director of Marketing, PrimeImaging

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