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Navigating the wide spectrum and complexity of the web can be overwhelming, which is why we have a team of in-house experts you can trust to work as your partner to accomplish your goals. Just as a house is built according to the needs of the homeowner, so too does a website or web application need to be tailored to the specific goals of your business. Our goal is to understand your situation and find the solution that is best suited for you, not a one-size-fits-all or one-platform-fits-all approach. We’ll develop the plan, deliver a timeline, and keep you involved in every step of the implementation process.

Solutions We Offer

Web Design & Development

We offer the full spectrum of web design and development services, whether you’re building something from the ground up or taking an existing website into its next iteration. Regardless of the starting point, we approach every new project with a robust process designed to create a unique blueprint to fit your exact needs using the latest technology and best practices. Our goal is to work as your partner to create a product that balances elegant design, functionality, and usability.

Landing Page Development

We specialize in landing page design and development services that enhance digital advertising efforts. Our team of experts helps evaluate the right platform for the job, centered around your business needs and integration with your existing CRM or CMS. Our process is data-driven with the goal of optimizing conversions and maximizing the ROI of your digital advertising campaigns.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Our team of conversion rate optimization experts use a data-driven approach, combining analysis of your website's analytics, user research, and A/B testing to identify opportunities for improvement. We translate these insights into actionable recommendations for optimizing design, navigation, and messaging based on industry best practices. If you have an existing campaign with a landing page that's underperforming, our CRO services may be the solution you need to drive more conversions and increase revenue.

SEO Audits & Consultations

SEO is a challenging and ever-evolving field, often littered with smoke and mirrors. At Delegator we work with you as a trusted partner to help make informed decisions for growing your online presence. We dig into your website’s organic content history, backlinks profile, competitors, template structure, information architecture, and page speed. Our technical SEO audit then identifies any issues that may be holding your website back and we give recommendations based on best practices and industry standards to help boost your online presence.

Web Maintenance

We understand that websites require regular updates, bug fixes, and new features to remain relevant and functional. From small updates to new features, we offer a streamlined approach to web maintenance that allows you to submit your requests for our development team to resolve as if we were your own in-house team. We are equipped to work with a variety of development stacks, so regardless of the technology used for your website, we are ready to jump in to keep your website up-to-date and running smoothly.

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Implementation

We offer Google Analytics 4 (GA4) implementation services to ensure your online tracking stays up-to-date. With Google sunsetting Universal Analytics (GA3) on June 30, 2023, our team can help you make the transition with no interruptions in your data collection. Whether you have an ecommerce or simple goal tracking website, we'll adapt the implementation to your specific needs to maximize the benefits of GA4.

Web Reporting

After a successful launch of a new website, our team offers ongoing web reporting services to help you track site performance and make data-driven decisions. We deliver real-time dashboards that give insights on traffic, conversions, user behavior, SEO ranking, growth trends, and downtime monitoring.

Accessibility Audits

Our accessibility audits can help you create an accessible, inclusive website catering to all users, regardless of their abilities, and ensure compliance with ADA guidelines. We conduct a thorough evaluation of your website's accessibility for users with disabilities and provide an executive summary report, which includes an analysis of priority technical issues, remediation recommendations, user testing documentation, as well as a comprehensive issue tracker.

Web Audits & Consultations

Websites are a crucial aspect of any business and, as they evolve in complexity, it's necessary to make certain they are performing optimally. Our team provides a comprehensive audit service that dives deep into your site’s adherence to accessibility, performance, and user experience best practices. We identify any areas where you could be losing traffic or conversions. Our audit is accompanied by consultation for remediation and best next steps — we'll help you understand how to improve your website and give you a clear path forward. In addition to our core web audit service, Delegator offers a specialized and comprehensive technical due diligence service that is tailored to mergers & acquisitions, where we identify existing threats, risks, and opportunities that may have a material impact on business valuation.

Platforms & Technology We Work With

  • HubSpot CMS

  • Custom Web Applications

  • WordPress

  • Shopify

  • Webflow

  • Craft CMS

  • WooCommerce

  • Squarespace

  • Statamic

  • Magento

  • Drupal

  • Zoho Pagesense

  • VWO

  • Hotjar

  • Optimizely

  • Google Tag Manager

  • Google Analytics 4

  • Monsido

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Consolidating Multiple Websites Into One | Impact Electronic Solutions

Impact Electronic Solutions was consolidating multiple business units into one and needed a new website to comprehensively tell its story and explain its wide range of solutions to prospective clients.

Website Redesign Done Right | Southeast Lineman Training Center

Southeast Lineman Training Center (SLTC) needed a new website with improved information architecture, user experience, and manageability.

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Refreshing Creative Assets to Boost Conversion Rate | McLemore Resort

We partner with an up-and-coming golf resort to increase their bookings and drive new business. We create a refreshed set of creative assets honed to appeal to specific audience segment targets, resulting in increases in clickthrough rate and conversion rate.

Driving Mortgage Leads in an Unprecedented Market | Cardinal Credit Union

Delegator teamed up with a Cleveland-based credit union to help optimize their landing page for conversion tracking with strict compliance guidelines.

Interactive Experience Brand’s Web Redesign | Exhibit Design and Production Company

Working with internal stakeholders to create a website that matches the quality and character of a brand that creates interactive exhibits nationwide.

Our Web Process

Websites are complex, which means a clear and repeatable process is absolutely vital to the success of the project. Our team deploys and scales the same time-tested approach, regardless of the complexity of the website. Our process consists of six phases that take us from beginning to end and ensure we are able to develop a website tailored to your exact needs. With decades of combined experience and a track record of successful launches, we're confident in our ability to consistently deliver high quality, functional, and aesthetically pleasing websites.

Discovery & Kickoff

This initial phase is focused on coming together as a team to align on the audience, goals, and overall strategy for your website redesign. The key component of this phase is conducting stakeholder interviews to learn your business, which will serve as the basis for formulating our initial strategy, with the intention of diving in deeper and outlining the project schedule and our development process during the Kickoff call.

UX & Information Architecture

In this phase we will create the blueprint for the website, based on the vision outlined in Discovery & Kickoff. Our focus will be on improving the overall user experience by researching competition, user behavior, and content organization. Our team will create wireframe prototypes to outline the flow of each page as well as a master sitemap.

Design & Content

After the wireframes are reviewed and the deliverables of the UX phase are finalized, we progress to the design prototype phase. The design direction and assets you provide will inform the design of the new website and applied to the wireframe created in the UX phase. Simultaneously, we will develop content to adhere to SEO best practices and your audience’s needs.


Once the design prototypes are approved, the project will enter the site build phase. In the build phase, the site will be coded to match the design and UX specifications outlined. This phase is where our team will make sure the staging site meets all outlined requirements and best practices regarding SEO, mobile responsiveness, accessibility (WCAG 2.1 Level AA), and web development.

Quality Assurance

This phase will test the newly developed website to its limits to make sure it withstands all user testing, site requirements, and browser and device compatibility, as well as industry best practices. Each issue will be tracked and logged to be addressed by our team before the website is launched. Additionally, all external stakeholders will be responsible for reviewing the site and logging any issues they find.

Launch & Training

Once Quality Assurance is finished and the website is fully approved for launch, our team will push to the live domain name. During the launch, our team will continue monitoring to make sure it goes smoothly. Additionally, our team will set aside training sessions to show you how to edit, add, or delete content on the website. These sessions will come with a guide, outlining best practices for the new website.

What Others Say

They gave us a professional site that is easy to update. Creating a website is a new process for me, but they took the time to teach and create a "how to" manual. They were easy to communicate with and made the whole process not overwhelming. — Marketing Coordinator, Exhibit Design and Production Company
Delegator has been responsive and offers creative solutions to our needs. — Katherine Woodell, Director of Digital Engagement, Veritas Forum
They're a one stop shop for all of our digital marketing needs and we appreciate the very personalized approach and that we work with the same individuals on a month to month basis. — Lauren Roberson, Director of Marketing, PrimeImaging
The team — including their designers and engineers — was truly intelligent, and working with them was easy. — Director of Marketing, Nonprofit Financial Institution
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