Businesses trust Delegator to maximize their ROI from digital advertising. Delegator is a specialized agency that focuses on increasing traffic, improving conversion, and reporting results. We manage and optimize digital advertising campaigns on search, social, proprietary, and alternative platforms. We use analytics and expert reporting to increase conversions while minimizing costs. Over the past six years, our team of experts and specialists have helped over 125 clients grow their businesses and strengthen their brands. Businesses save time and money by outsourcing mission-critical marketing to Delegator; in turn, we have established a clear record of delivering significant results.

Delegator makes companies more profitable and competitive online. We combine our finesse with digital advertising and conversion rate optimization with hard insights from analytics to generate traffic and improve conversions.

Delegator offers the following digital advertising services:

Search Advertising

  • Google
    • AdWords
    • Display
    • YouTube
    • Shopping
    • Mobile
  • Bing & Yahoo

    • Search
    • Display
    • Shopping

Social Media Advertising

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • SnapChat
  • Pinterest

Alternative Channel Advertising

  • Reddit
  • Etsy
  • adMarketplace
  • Mobile Applications
  • Multiple Listing Sites
  • Industry-specific platforms, channels, and forums

Remarketing Campaigns

Google Analytics Management and Optimization

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