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Scaling Budgets Efficiently on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

We partner with a Seattle-based coffee roaster to increase their subscription and sales numbers on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. By scaling budget, ending underperforming campaigns, and testing new audiences we were able to improve their primary key performance indicators.







Services Provided:

  • Paid Search, Social, and Display Campaign Creation
  • Audience & Creative Testing
  • Ad Writing
  • Keyword & Audience Research
  • Strategy Consultations
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Reporting & Analysis

The Client

Storyville Coffee is a coffee roasting company based in Seattle, Washington. They have several physical locations throughout the Seattle area, but ship countrywide through their website. Their main branch is located in Pikes Place Market, where they roast all of their beans. They offer monthly subscription boxes for  those who need their coffee fix delivered to their door but also enjoy welcoming tourists and locals to their physical locations for coffee and treats. Their advertising efforts have been focused on increasing their whole bean, espresso capsule, and k-cup subscriptions and sales through their website.


The Opportunity

During the Black Friday & Cyber Monday weekend of 2022, Storyville wanted to leverage Google & Meta ads to increase coffee subscribers, drive awareness/sales for new product launches, grow their email lists, as well as their overall e-commerce revenue. This included building out a marketing plan to begin non-brand search ads for subscriptions, highlighting their unique capsule and k-cup roasting method, as well as keeping an ad with the best ecommerce offer at the top of search results for brand searches. Delegator worked with Storyville to establish KPIs metrics based on the average value of a subscriber (by setting up Littledata and analyzing the long term value of a subscriber).

Storyville saw a 521% improvement in email captures from prior weeks, a 348% increase in transactions, and an overall revenue increase of 234%.

The Plan

Excited for the challenge, Delegator started with analyzing the previous year's ad successes and failures as a starting point for developing a multi-focus campaign strategy. Our review dove deep into audiences and ad copy, to figure out what might be reused, what needed updating, and what was best left behind. Storyville was interested in scaling their budget on Meta to be more comparable to their Google Search budget, so we knew our team would need to be on top of monitoring changes on Meta to ensure the budget was being scaled efficiently.

Utilizing this data and historical  context, we set up A/B tests to run previous successful ads with new copy and messaging to optimize for the best performers. We took the same approach with audiences on Meta. Lastly, along with these items, we also added new audiences focused on ‘coffee lovers’ and ‘engaged shoppers’  to the blend as we believed targeting a broader audience would help grow both subscriptions and sales countrywide.  

On Google we established a strong audience the month before Black Friday & Cyber Monday so when the rush hit, we could focus on pushing Storyville’s promotions rather than growing the audiences. These audiences included a general ‘brand’ group that actively looks for coffee sales online or is already a fan of Storyville. We also included non-brand audiences or groups looking for coffee deals online but are not current Storyville customers. By establishing these groups before the holiday season, we could be sure Google was already primed to spend on these targets efficiently.

Google Black Friday/ Cyber Monday

Email Captures




Average CPA


Facebook Black Friday/ Cyber Monday



Total Revenue


Average CPA


The Results

Between November 21-30, without a major budget increase on Google, Storyville saw a 521% improvement in email captures from prior weeks, a 348% increase in transactions, and an overall revenue increase of 234%, with the average CPA decreasing by 77%.

During the same period on Meta, with an increased budget, Delegator’s hands-on approach proved highly effective, driving a 380% improvement in transaction volume, and a total revenue increase of around 235%, with a 36% improvement in Cost Per Action (CPA).

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