McLemore Resort

Refreshing Creative Assets to Boost Conversion Rate

We partner with an up-and-coming golf resort to increase their bookings and drive new business. We create a refreshed set of creative assets honed to appeal to specific audience segment targets, resulting in increases in clickthrough rate and conversion rate.


6/22 - 12/22


Golf, Hospitality, Real Estate



Services Provided:

  • Paid Social Advertising
  • Paid Search Advertising
  • Reporting & Analysis
  • Strategy Consultations
  • Ad Writing
  • Competitor Research
  • Audience & Creative Testing
  • Custom Landing Page Development
  • Ad Creative
  • Video Animation
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Call Tracking

The Client

McLemore is a master-planned mountaintop community located atop Lookout Mountain in the heart of northwest Georgia. At 2,300 feet above sea level, McLemore rests an easy two-hour drive from Atlanta, Nashville, Birmingham, Huntsville and Knoxville. McLemore has become well known for its award winning cliff-edge Highland Golf Course that features a picturesque 18th finishing hole. In addition to the golf course, McLemore is a resort community that offers a unique and comprehensive experience above the clouds.

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The Opportunity

Our team was originally brought on to manage paid social campaigns and drive a variety of leads to the McLemore sales team. In the spring of 2022, McLemore came to Delegator with a very specific problem to solve. They were experiencing some stagnation in their ability to reach new audiences or ultimately convert leads that had engaged with their Stay & Play program ads, and wanted Delegator to help them find a way to improve their conversion rates.

McLemore saw a stale campaign transform, leading to a record month for their Stay & Play bookings.

The Plan

Enlisting the full capabilities of the Delegator team, we developed a strategy to drive better engagement and ultimately more conversions on the existing ads. Our team identified two areas for implementation to accomplish this goal. 

First, we refreshed ad creative to tell McLemore’s captivating story, in a way that would engage their target audiences. We developed a series of new ads, some video, some static images for testing, to see what performed best. Through experimentation and internal collaboration between the advertising team and the creative team, we were able to create highly optimized creative that captured McLemore’s story. 

Secondly, our team identified the landing page for lead capture as an area for improvement. Leveraging the web solution team’s in-depth experience with landing page strategy, development, and conversion rate optimization, we were able to custom design and develop a new landing page that tied directly to McLemore’s CRM. Our team leveraged tracking tools to observe user behavior upon launch and continually make improvements to the flow of information and calls to action to drive better conversion for the Stay & Play Campaign.

Conversion Rate


Cost Per Lead


Clickthrough Rate


The Results

With these improvements, McLemore saw a stale campaign transform, leading to a record month for their Stay & Play bookings. Delegator implemented a strategy that would speak to the target audience and learn from its behavior to refine the approach and campaign assets. Experimentation and optimization were the key that unlocked new avenues for success.

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