Case Study: Facebook + Instagram Conversions

Jet Set Candy


Jet Set Candy is reinventing the travel souvenir with a line of collectible and stylish, wearable keepsakes for travel lovers. Collect Your Adventures™ in the form of luggage tag charms and travel-inspired jewelry.


Delegator began managing digital advertising on January 28

All Facebook + Instagram Traffic |  November 2018 - March 2019

All Facebook + Instagram Traffic | November 2018 - March 2019

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The Situation

Before Jet Set Candy partnered with Delegator to manage online ads, they were skeptical of how successful an online campaign could actually be in terms of driving sales. They had tested Facebook in a limited way but hadn't had the time or experience to make it work for them. Delegator was trusted to launch a very conservative set of ad campaigns on Facebook & Instagram to establish a proof of concept.

The Results

Delegator launched ads on Facebook and Instagram at the end of January, just in time to catch Valentine's Day gift shopping, and saw an immediate bump in sales. In the first week alone, Facebook accounted for $1,500 in new sales, while spending a minimal amount in dynamic retargeting ads. After seeing the initial return on ad spend, Jet Set Candy decided to double their ad budget, leading to a 2.5x increase in revenue in February vs January. The ad account has continued driving a 6-to-1 return on their ads .



Delegator used brand conscious images and thoughtful copy to represent the Jet Set Candy brand.

Collection Ad

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