Delegator’s approach to digital advertising management sets us apart from other agencies.


Our Approach

Delegator lives and dies by results. We are performance marketers who understand that digital advertising requires attentive, resourceful management in order to be successful. Accordingly, the agency has built a team of experts with a strong sense of integrity and unusually high standards for performance. We serve as a direct extension of your marketing team, working exclusively from our onshore office in Chattanooga.

Delegator values productive, long-term partnerships over short-term revenue. The agency strives to create stable, steady growth for our clients, and we’re damn good at it. Our approach sets us apart:


Be Strategic Play the Long Game

Before we begin advertising, we strive for an intimate understanding of your business and its goals. Before we begin advertising, we strive for an intimate understanding of your business and its goals by conducting discovery meetings and auditing your existing advertising and Analytics accounts. Delegator will use the information that we collect to organize and optimize these accounts. This process entails researching keywords, writing copy, and adjusting campaigns, ad sets, targeted demographics, and settings so that they correctly align with the goals that we set.


Be Experimental Build. Test. Learn.

Every day, we proactively monitor and enhance clients’ campaigns. Our teams of experts review site and campaign activity, look for opportunities, and optimize bids, budgets, keywords, and settings for maximum ROI. We then hypothesize how we can generate more revenue from these campaigns, and test those theories. We validate them with data, choose the winners, and rinse and repeat.


Be Hands On Active Management

Unlike many other agencies, Delegator never relies solely on automated tools. The digital advertising industry changes too often and too rapidly for technology alone to be able to keep up and generate optimal returns. We test and rewrite ad copy on a regular basis and use our partnerships with Google and other leading advertising platforms to fully understand emerging developments and their impact on our clients’ businesses. In fact, we often help our partners test new advertising technologies, enabling us to leverage exclusive, high-impact tools before the rest of the market even knows they’re in development.


Be Data-Driven Accountability

Reporting and analysis drive our approach. In Google Analytics, we will organize the data that we collect from various sources into clear reports that accurately represent the effectiveness and efficiency of advertising campaigns. Our analyses reveal insights into websites' traffic sources, conversions, user behavior, and growth opportunities. These insights help us to continuously improve and enhance our clients’ advertising and explore new marketing opportunities, leading to more traffic, more sales, and a stronger brand online.


Be Collaborative Client Centered

Delegator strives to be a partner, not merely a vendor. While we often conduct very technical work, we genuinely appreciate the value of old-fashioned customer service. Delegator understands the importance of your trust, and we work to earn it. Great customer service is as integral to our relationship with our clients. Subject to your preferences, one person can and will act as your single point of contact at the agency. You won’t have to worry about being shuffled around from stranger to stranger. Your project manager will manage a team of experts working for you, and will, with your overall direction, coordinate those experts to focus on your goals.


Be Transparent with Pricing

While most agencies charge a flat rate plus a percentage of ad spend, Delegator charges a flat monthly fee only. This helps our clients budget for expenses and further invest in successful campaigns without penalty. Our fee for advertising and analytics management is determined largely by the number of platforms and channels that the agency manages. Accordingly, moderately scaling ad spend does not typically affect agency fees, creating greater cost-savings as your business grows. Only scaling ad spend dramatically or adding new platforms, campaigns, or channels will increase Delegator’s fees.

Delegator’s data-driven, hands on approach to digital advertising enables our clients to stay ahead of the competition and reap optimal returns with minimal costs. We make sure your advertising is always working as hard as you are.