Analytics Audits & Implementation


You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Accurate data collection and meaningful analytics set the foundation for our advertising management process. If you feel that you aren’t getting the right information from your website, we can conduct a Google Analytics audit and implementation to ensure that you get the data right and that it translates to knowledge, and from there, action.

Delegator includes a comprehensive Analytics review and implementation into each advertising contract, since good data is the foundation for good PPC decision making. If you’re not ready to advertise online or if you feel comfortable managing in-house, we offer one-time Analytics audits to ensure that you’re capturing and presenting the data in a way that gives you insight into your customers and website performance.

Our daily analysis reveals insights into clients’ websites’ traffic sources, conversions, user behavior, and growth opportunities. These insights help us to continuously improve and enhance clients’ digital advertising and explore new advertising opportunities, leading to more traffic, more sales, and a stronger brand online.



Technical Audits

Do you need a comprehensive health check-up on a website or software application?

The Delegator team conducts audits for when you need an expert assessment of your technical assets, such as:

A private equity firm is evaluating purchasing a company that sells online, or contains software as a key component of their business. Delegator can identify areas of risk for losing out on web traffic, or find security weaknesses.

  • A new leader has taken over at a company, and wants a third party to evaluate the technical decisions that have been made in order to set strategic priorities.

  • A company that feels that their online channel should be doing more for them, but don’t know where to start. Our SEO and PPC experts can help find the opportunities and put together a roadmap for improvement.

  • A venture capital firm is in talks to invest in an early stage software product, and wants independent verification that the software is as good as the developers say it is.

To maintain the independence of our recommendations from any work that Delegator may fulfill as an advertising or development client, we keep a confidential wall between Delegator’s marketing services and our auditing services, which we call ProDiligence.