Delegator - Focused on Results

Focused on results since the third grade. A founder tastes victory early on. (Chattanooga Times, 1981).

Focused on results.

Delegator was founded by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, to help growing businesses focus on their core mission and produce results.

Delegator’s founders are successful entrepreneurs who, probably like you, have extremely high standards. Like most entrepreneurs, we’ve all learned that at some point, some business functions are better outsourced to specialists, but there was rarely a partner who met our standards– on expertise, value, or integrity.

So Delegator was born, of necessity.

We have felt your pain.

The story begins with another company we started, Smart Furniture, Inc, who was growing too fast to be able to focus on all of its important priorities internally.

The work included critical and ongoing projects like driving traffic (e.g., search engine optimization, adwords management), driving conversions (e.g., web design, A/B testing), and measuring results (relevant web analytics).

There are numerous examples of companies who put high priority on such areas of expertise, though often these are areas that are inefficient to master internally. Before Delegator, the alternatives were often costly (and long-term) specialized agency work, or the purgatorial disappointment of typical temp services.

If your company’s resources are already dedicated to your core mission –or worse, to something other than your core mission, Delegator can help you.

Focus on your goal, and delegate the rest.

To address our own needs at our own companies and others like ours, we started Delegator. Our focus is on helping companies get things done— right, on budget, and on time.

People with unusually high standards.

What we do requires more than technology. It requires smart, resourceful, business-minded people with a strong sense of integrity and unusually high standards— the only kind of people that we’d want to work with.

While we certainly rely heavily on technology, we’ve learned that regardless of whatever brilliant algorithmic alchemy a service company can come up with, the human factor remains an invaluable part of the equation.  Same goes for things like design— the prettiest website in the world isn’t worth much if it doesn’t convert.

And for what it’s worth, we also do our best to be good citizens.  All of us deeply involved in our communities, including a scrappy nonprofit, Causeway, that sprouted out of our team, dedicated to helping communities help themselves.

Built to support your company’s goals.

We’ve delivered demonstrably positive results to clients ranging from one-person shops to $150MM companies. Our services focus on the “business” of business, vs fluffier things, and we sync our goals with yours. If you want your site to win an Addy award, that’s our goal. But typically our clients are more interested in things like traffic, conversions, and analytics, and this is what we’re best at.

We believe in growing businesses.

As a team led by experienced entrepreneurs, we know first-hand the challenges, opportunities, exhaustion and exhilaration of growing a company. We want to help other growing companies, like yours, succeed. We believe in growing businesses, and their pivotal role in economic prosperity and innovation (see some of our community projects).  It is our mission to help your business achieve your mission.

We are Delegator, and we are at your service. Contact us and let us know how we can help you.