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Stephen Culp and Andrew Scarbrough co-founded Delegator in 2009. Previously Stephen had founded and managed, a leading ecommerce company, through over a decade of growth. During his tenure, Stephen realized the need for a qualified agency that could be trusted to maximize the company's revenue from online advertising. As a result, Stephen and Andrew teamed up to start Delegator, an elite agency that specializes in digital advertising and analytics services. Delegator's team is based entirely in Chattanooga. The agency strives to be a strategic partner for each of its clients and values honesty, diligence, and results. To learn how our team can help yours, please contact us.

While Delegator conducts technical work, we appreciate the value of old-fashioned customer service. Delegator understands the importance of your trust, and we work to earn it. As entrepreneurs, each member of the agency has a stake in the company, and we treat our clients as we would want to be treated. Customer service is integral both to our relationship with our clients and to our sense of ownership in our own company.

Delegator has worked with more than 125 clients since its founding in 2009. Producing results drives us. We’re proud of our work and how we contribute to our clients’ success.

Agency Partnerships

Delegator offers white label digital marketing services tailored specifically for other agencies. These services include Delegator's core offerings: digital advertising, analytics, and consulting. By delegating your clients' digital marketing needs to an team of certified experts, you will free up capacity and enable your team to concentrate on the work they do best. Delegator can propel your clients' growth by improving their online marketing and advertising reach while making you shine in the process.
Please contact us to discuss a partnership.

Delegator Network

Delegator focuses on its strengths as an agency: digital advertising, analytics, and consulting. However, when our clients need assistance with development, SEO, and traditional marketing, such as branding, graphic design, and media buying, Delegator relies on a network of vetted partners to supplement our services.

Since our reputation is based on the quality of our results, we choose our partners carefully. The agency builds its network primarily through trusted references, but we also review new potential partners to assure we have access to the best talent available. If would like to be considered for the Delegator Network, please contact us and let us know you're interested.

Community Involvement

Delegator's founders agreed from the outset to donate a meaningful share of our resources to community-oriented projects. Below are some examples of the projects and organizations we've worked with locally.