Delegator’s SEO Site Review is a comprehensive evaluation of every part of your website that affects your organic rankings in Google and other major search engines. At Delegator we know the best start to any SEO effort begins with a comprehensive audit to determine solid points for SEO success, downfalls and other areas your business can take advantage of to improve search results.


Our SEO site audit is one of the best in the business, and we would argue is the most thorough and time intensive review you can find. Our audit will help both e-commerce sites and marketing sites find where their site is falling short in search performance. Delegator SEO site audits are different from other cookie-cutter SEO audits because our review will be 100% custom and focus on your site, your overall goals (as well as SEO-specific goals), and your major competitors in the industry. We’re not just plugging your site into a tool. Many other reviews can give you a list of quick on-page fixes, but they rarely take your long-term goals or competition into heavy account. Our SEO Site Review starts with a comprehensive list of questions about your company and industry so we can start an in-depth analysis on all factors of your site to meet your long-term goals. Given our comprehensive approach to SEO reviews, the Delegator team focuses on just one site review at a time, usually taking 3-4 weeks for completion.


Our completed SEO review will be shared in a dedicated 2-hour meeting with our team and will deliver a full report that details your site’s strengths and weaknesses with an exhaustive list of specific recommendations for fixing them. We then go one step further by prioritizing that list of recommendations so that your team can focus on the low-hanging fruit and button up the quick fixes right out of the gate. The 60+ page report often outlines many months of actionable recommendations that are prioritized and presented in an easy to understand format.

Our SEO audit addresses:

  • Organic History
  • Competitive Analysis & Behavior
  • Content Analysis
  • Site Architecture / Accessibility
  • Index Analysis
  • Backlinks Analysis
  • Usability / Speed
  • Off-Page Elements
  • Local Search Elements and Business Listings
  • On-Site Technical Recommendations
  • Comprehensive list of SEO Recommendations


After reviewing your SEO audit and final report you will have a clear picture of your SEO issues and be provided an organized document detailing issues that exist, as well as a more prioritized list of actionable recommendations, based on importance and estimated time to completion. These documents will provide you the information you need to start fixing issues on your own, or with Delegator’s team.


When it comes to SEO, we know our stuff. That said, nothing beats hearing it from the horse’s mouth. Below is some feedback from a few of our former SEO Site Review clients. Feel free to contact us for more information. We are happy to provide additional references that you can call and see for yourself the comprehensive approach we take to search engine optimization here at Delegator.

Parathyroid.com Logo“I appreciate this so much guys. I’m truly overwhelmed by the amount of effort and detail put into this review. It was far more in depth and extensive than I anticipated and the amount of useful information we gained was more than I expected. I wish I did this two or three years ago.”  – Parathyroid.com

Snapfon.com Logo“I feel that the time and money spent on our SEO site review was worthwhile. Being able to offload this task to a group of professionals not only gave us unique perspective, It helped us to pinpoint problem areas and address them in a prioritized manner.”  – Snapfon.com

RootsRated.com Logo“Johnny, Andrew, and the Delegator team are no-nonsense professionals. I have had the pleasure of working with them through our initial SEO audit, and through various keyword research projects, and I have been more than impressed with the professionalism of the communication and the quality of the end results. I would highly recommend Delegator and will be working with them throughout the future.”  – RootsRated.com