Search Engine Optimization (SEO) content writing is the lifeblood of any great website. It’s important to have great structure, eye-catching graphics and a great product or service; but without content that explains everything, it’s worthless. Delegator relies on professional in-house content writing to make sure the content on your site is as valuable and productive as possible.

Delegator’s SEO content writing works with your website on three levels:

  • Topic Research and Selection

Topic Research is all about targeting the right customers and going after the right topics.

Your SEO articles have to be just right, so Delegator researches the most popular keywords for any given topic, as well as those most effective for your particular site. We also find the specific topics for your business based on search volume and competition. Sometimes these are longer keywords, often three words or more, that get you relevant traffic, a high organic ranking, and focused, driven visitors.

Dedicated topic research is the best way to start leveling the SEO playing field and compete for dollars and clicks with businesses both large and small, web-savvy and web-ignorant alike.

  • SEO Content Writing

Many SEO writing firms create lists of topics and keywords with little regard for specialization, and then hand them back to the companies that hired them to do the writing themselves. This can result in keyword stuffing, bad SEO articles, and downright confusing content for the actual visitors to the site.

At Delegator we employ in-house professional content writers to make sure your SEO writing is done right from the very beginning. Delegator’s content is tailored for maximum SEO impact and zero punitive effects. Search engines have very specific guidelines that they use to identify keyword stuffed articles and blatantly SEO-greedy content.

Delegator uses industry best practices to keep your content engaging, fun to read, and in line with search engine expectations. Google’s Panda algorithm constantly scans the web for poorly written, keyword stuffed SEO content and actively punishes offending pages. Delegator knows the rules and plays the game the right way.

  • Content Placement

There are a lot of best practices companies should use when uploading SEO content onto their sites. With Delegator, we make sure that your content placements are appropriate.

We’ll get you the right internal links, the right titles, URLs and subpages. We’ll help you silo your content to funnel traffic and hits to the right pages on your site.

There are rules for where your most important content should go on a page, how your landing pages should be constructed, and how you interlink your content. Delegator knows these rules from front to back, and have had huge success working with our clients to maximize their online SEO content.

SEO content writing is one of the most important building blocks for a successful website. It’s the engine that drives the car of great structure, imagery, and stock. And when it comes to great SEO writing, Delegator gets it done.

In fact, if you’d like a preview of our work, all you need to do is read this page again. It’s been optimized for four different keywords – SEO content writing, content writing, SEO writing, and SEO articles. None of the keywords are stuffed or forced, they were all were researched and targeted before this page was written, and, best of all, the content writing is seamless – you may not have even noticed it.