Delegator helps clients compete, win, and grow through smarter digital advertising.

Our clients include Fortune 500 companies with large advertising budgets, smaller high-growth firms, and established companies just entering the digital landscape. Nonetheless, they all share one common characteristic: a desire to lead their industry.

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increase in Pay Per Click revenue year over year


increase in PPC return on ad spend year over year


reduction in Search Avg. CPCs while driving the same traffic levels YoY

As ecommerce became a more important revenue channel, Rawlings needed a results-oriented agency to take it to the next level. Delegator has done just that. Their team is responsive, down to earth, and a pleasure to work with. Their diligent management has doubled our revenue from online advertising, while reducing its costs by over a third. Delegator is a trusted extension of my team that I would highly recommend.

Shane Johnston Sr Director of Ecommerce

Looking to Compete and Win?

Many established companies are fully aware that they need a stronger digital strategy, but don't know where to begin. Overall, their marketing is solid, but these companies are being outflanked online, and their organic traffic is consistently declining. They must regain their competitiveness to remain relevant. Nevertheless, digital marketing is a specialized, complicated field and difficult to enter, let alone master. Contact Delegator. We will help you develop a strategic plan and execute the tactics to fulfill it, so that you not only compete, but win.

Level The Playing Field


decrease in Avg. CPC YoY


increase in PPC Revenue YoY


increase in PPC ROAS YoY

For the past six years, atlasRFIDstore has considered Delegator a strategic partner. They helped us rapidly scale our business, consistently produced positive return on ad spend, and captured many millions in gross revenues. With the expertise of Delegator, atlasRFIDstore quickly broadened its reach, and we are now positioned as a leader in the RFID industry.

James Thrasher Digital Marketing Manager

Seeking Better Returns?

If your digital advertising is producing results, but its returns have plateaued or could be improved, Delegator can take them to the next level. We combine expert finesse, effective technologies, and the latest strategies and tactics to generate maximum returns, even if you’re confined to a set budget. In most cases, the ROI Delegator creates enables us to pay for our services within one month. Learn how we can help.

Let's Grow


increase in click through rate


increase in search impression share


reduction in average Cost Per Click

Over the last four years, Delegator has made SEM lead capture a vital piece of Meggitt Training Systems' sales funnel, maximizing returns from a limited ad budget. They've helped us weed out the “tire kickers” in a noisy marketplace, connecting directly with the right customer segments in the most cost-efficient manner. The client service team is engaged, supportive and always eager to help. It’s been a true pleasure having Delegator as a marketing partner!

Michelle Henderson CMC, Meggitt Training Systems

Need a Force Multiplier?

Generalist agencies, freelancers, or in-house teams that do not specialize in digital advertising can rarely stay abreast of the industry’s ever shifting landscape. Ultimately, returns suffer. However, many companies don’t have the time or experience needed to hire a top-notch digital advertising team or assess the one they have. If you worry that your digital advertising could be done better, contact Delegator. We’ll conduct a free audit of your accounts and deliver recommendations for improvement.

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