Web analytics packages are crucial to running an effective website. They offer real-time data on the who, what, when, where and why of a website’s visitors, as well as the effectiveness of any marketing campaigns being run. However, managing analytics so that your data is producing actionable insights about your business can be complicated.

Our team of certified Google Analytics professionals ensures that your data is productive and that you understand and control it completely. This data offers powerful insights that help increase your return on investment, revealing how effectively each advertising campaign is producing.

For every project that we undertake, Delegator uses analytics and reporting to reduce the cost of advertising while increasing its effectiveness at reaching the right audiences. We also track how your customers behave and buy on your website, enabling you to convert more of them to your goals.

Before digging into the numbers, our analytics team seeks to understand a client’s business, workflow, customers, and culture. This discovery process ensures that we understand what you do and who you are. We always conduct a basic Google Analytics audit to bring the account up to Google’s best practices and ensure you are using your analytics to its full capabilities. We then create multi-faceted Acquisition, Behavior, Outcome models to illustrate your site’s end-to-end performance. We can show you how your customers interact with your site down to the most minute details.

We also offer Premium Analytics Services that create custom features to make Analytics data more useful to our clients’ primary decision makers:

    • Custom Dashboards
    • Custom Reports
    • Custom Alerts
    • Advanced Segments
    • Report Shortcuts

To get started with data-driven advertising, contact Delegator today.