Your potential customers search the internet daily for information related to your products and services. Search advertising enables you to place your advertisements within these search results, significantly increasing quality traffic to your site. Delegator conducts search advertising campaigns on all major platforms, including:

Google AdWords

As a certified partner in Google’s Advertising Professionals program, Delegator actively manages Google AdWords and pay-per-click advertising for clients in many industries. Our entire digital advertising team is Google certified, and we have a proven track record of increasing our clients return on investment and helping them spend more efficiently.

Bing & Yahoobing-adcenter

In addition to Google, profitable advertising opportunities exist on other search engines, namely Bing and Yahoo. Bing and Yahoo are effective channels for reaching specific demographics and can better promote certain products.

Account Organization

Delegator on-boards any new client with a meeting and questionnaire so that we can learn about their business and marketing goals. We then dive in with extensive keyword and market research, which entails evaluating competition and creating a strategy for the greatest ROI. We comply with Google’s Best Practices by organizing an account logically and efficiently, whether the account has been active for years or Delegator is setting it up for the first time. Finally, we employ our experts and staff writers to create compelling ad copy that will get our clients noticed.

Being very attentive toward our account, Delegator has been very proactive and diligent about optimization, engaging in the best techniques to increase overall conversion and return on ad spend. Their team is easy to communicate with and is always ready and willing to get things done.  – Smart Furniture

Diligent Account Management

Delegator’s in-house, on-shore digital advertising team has years of experience actively managing campaigns. With our monthly packages, you can be assured that we will be in your account on a daily basis, evaluating the data and making adjustments and recommendations. We believe this proactive, hands-on management style sets us apart from our competition. We actively perform keyword research, mine search queries for opportunities or irrelevant terms, adjust bids and budgets, rewrite ad copy, and look for opportunities.

Proactive Analytics and Reporting

Our reporting and analysis is conducted by both Google AdWords Certified Professionals as well as our team of Certified Google Analytics Specialists. Knowing what happens once your customer clicks an ad is just as important as getting them to click in the first place.

Delegator’s AdWords team has been invaluable in helping grow our business, which is largely search engine traffic driven. Thorough research and an understanding of our business goals and target audiences inform their advice and actions on our campaigns.They’re also just a great team to work with, making this complicated and ever-changing medium manageable so our small staff can focus on our many other marketing channels.  – Bike Tours

Learn more about Analytics.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Getting potential customers to your page is the first step; converting them to sales is the second. Delegator offers conversion rate optimization consulting and services, including landing page optimization, usability testing, and user testing.

Sophisticated advertisers understand that one size does not fit all. Delegator designs, tests, and optimizes landing pages for individual campaigns and ad groups. Ensuring that the message in an ad is consistent with the message on the landing page leads to more conversions.

Delegator offers expert A/B Testing and Multivariate Testing consulting to help clients test the design and usability of landing pages. Whether you need help running a test or deciding what to test in the first place, we can ensure that your testing provides you with the data you need to make informed decisions about your landing pages.

Account Audits and Reviews

Delegator’s AdWords Account Audit takes an in-depth look at the health of your overall AdWords account. Whether you’d like an overall snapshot of how you’re doing or you’re anticipating a change in ownership or personnel, our AdWords audit will give you an unbiased opinion of the state of your account. Our team of Certified AdWords Professionals comb through your AdWords account looking at a variety of metrics and reports. We outline where you are winning with AdWords and where there is opportunity for improvement. Our account audits conclude with a meeting to discuss the findings and to present you with our detailed report and recommendations.

Whether you have an existing AdWords account that is underperforming, you don’t have the time you need to devote to your account, or you’re new to the Google AdWords game, Delegator can help. Call us or fill out some basic information and we’ll give you a free consultation within one business day.