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Video ads have proven to be the most effective way to introduce your audience to your brand. Not only do these videos bring your brand to life, but you get the opportunity to share your brand personality with audiences you’ve never reached before. 

Typically, when we look at best practices for brands, there are a few rules to live by and a few that depend on the situation. Here are the "rules to live by" for short-form videos.

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Rules to live by:

Put your brand first - Your logo should be visible within the first 2 seconds of the video. 

Get to the point - Front load your story arc! This pairs with presenting your brand logo early on. Just don't expect most users to watch the video past 5 seconds.

Fit the frame - Aspect Ratio should be edited to 1:1 at the very least, but a great way to make sure you're making the most out of your time is to also use a 4:5 aspect ratio for mobile users. 

Videos can also be edited to fit an aspect ratio of 9:16 for Instagram and Facebook Stories, then added to a story-only placement.

Present a CTA - Be direct about what you want the user to do next! A text overlay in your video should captivate your audience and lead them closer to being a customer. 

Stay on topic - Each video should have one objective and one topic. Don’t jump around or try to fit all of your messaging into one video. If you focus, your audience will focus. 

Don't rely on audio - … and don’t rely on the subtitle feature! If you have something to say, make your text overlays captivating and creative. Most audiences won’t have their volume turned on when they are scrolling through.

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