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Image ads are the basis for any Facebook and Instagram account, and there are a lot of different forms that these images can take: single image ads, slideshows, videos, carousel ads, Instant Experiences, etc.

If you’re just getting started, or creating a total refresh, avoid getting overwhelmed in the creative process by starting with a foundation of 4-5 good images. Each of these images should have a balance of appearing as if they belong together while simultaneously having the ability to stand alone. A good example of this may be to keep the logo in the same spot, use the same font, keep a similar color pallet, and have a similar format (i.e. photography vs. illustration).

No two brands will have the same creative needs, so instead of having rules to live by, these are more of rules to abide by if you are looking for an effective way to stretch your creative:

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  • Aspect ratio = 1:1

    • Of course, there are more dimensions, but this will be a great starting place.

  • Text should take up less than 20% of the image

    • You can fill in more details in the Description & Headline

  • Brand/logo should always be visible

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