Google Takes On TV Advertising

Building the future of TV, with you: Announcing personalized TV ads with DoubleClick Dynamic Ad Insertion Viewers no longer expect content personalized to them, they demand it. And that includes ads. Today we are taking big steps to bring new addressable advertising capabilities to TV Broadcasters and Distributors… Read More

The One Thing C-Suite Leaders Need To Know About PPC

Explaining The Value Of PPC To The C-Suite: “There Isn’t Really A Traditional Funnel Anymore…It’s all about the micro moments.” – Jeff Allen If there’s one drum beat I see our industry hammering this year, it’s that competition is just going to increase so getting creative and opening up… Read More

Apple's Iconic 1984 Macintosh Ad, As It Happened

January 22, 2014 marks the 30th anniversary of Apple’s iconic Macintosh ad, directed by Ridley Scott, and aired during Super Bowl XVIII. To commemorate this occasion, here’s a never before seen, original home recording of the ad, as it first appeared, watched and recorded by our CEO as a kid. Read More

10 Interesting Ecommerce Facts & Trends

The ecommerce industry has become a major part of worldwide consumerism and is now baked into popular culture and daily life.  Companies like Amazon and Ebay are household names and often the first choice when something – anything – needs to be purchased. Estimates place worldwide ecommerce sales… Read More

Irony, Man.

Source: By now, you’ve heard about the ‘controversy’ surrounding Iron Man 3’s dubious depiction of Chattanooga, TN as a backwoods hick town with internet so deplorable the world might end.  For any of you actually living in Chattanooga, this is comical (Iron Man is… Read More

Meet the Future of Decision-Making

After months of research and toil, we have broken into the future—the future of decision-making. Delegator is proud to present true splendor and magic, interwoven with technology and logic, with more than a dash of beauty, in order to bring you the Magic Eight Ball. What… Read More

Spotlight: Variable Technologies

Here at Delegator, we’re slightly obsessed with the latest and greatest in geek technology.  Whether its our resident neck-beard painstakingly showing us every single android feature that is better than its iOS counterpart, or our yuppiest of project managers downloading the latest social aggregator on his iPad mini, we pretty… Read More

Chattanooga, TN – Tech Transformation

The last couple of years have been very kind to our city.  Not too far in the past, we were a broken city that was on the brink of collapse.  Extremely polluted, dangerous, and losing population at a rapid rate, Chattanooga was in need of a makeover.  Little did we… Read More