“Hold the Door” – An A/B Testing Case Study of Doorstops

At Delegator, one of our core mantras is to be data-driven. Every day, we look for ways to enhance clients’ campaigns and return a better ROI. A big part of this philosophy is that we are always A/B testing things behind the scenes. We regularly test ad language, bid… Read More

SoDA Report Gives Agencies a Glimpse at the Future

Soda Report: Digital Marketing Outlook While marketing creativity held a steady second place in value comparison to 2015, the newly introduced strategic leadership was declared the most valued skill in clients’ relationships with their agencies. This supports the notion that clients are prioritizing execution over big ideas when… Read More

Delegator: A Google Premier Partner

As the first Google Certified agency in the state of Tennessee, Delegator manages and optimizes digital advertising campaigns for clients around the country ranging from growing startup shops to $150M corporations. Today, we are pleased to announce we have been selected as a Google Premier Partner. “I am very excited… Read More

4 Best Practices For User Testing Your Website

So you’ve built out a new website or landing page, and you’re excited to show it to the world. Your colleagues, friends, and family think that your new creation is awesome – and you’re feeling pretty good about yourself. You’re thinking that you might be ready to launch.. Read More

10 Interesting Ecommerce Facts & Trends

The ecommerce industry has become a major part of worldwide consumerism and is now baked into popular culture and daily life.  Companies like Amazon and Ebay are household names and often the first choice when something – anything – needs to be purchased. Estimates place worldwide ecommerce sales… Read More

Irony, Man.

Source: pinoytutorial.com By now, you’ve heard about the ‘controversy’ surrounding Iron Man 3’s dubious depiction of Chattanooga, TN as a backwoods hick town with internet so deplorable the world might end.  For any of you actually living in Chattanooga, this is comical (Iron Man is… Read More

Practical Tips to Improve Your E-Commerce Website – Part 1 of 2

Designing and building an e-commerce site is a massive undertaking for a business seeking to expand into the digital realm. E-commerce continues to grow year by year while brick and mortar retailers are forced to continually adapt to the changing landscape of retail sales. Many consumers clearly prefer the simplicity… Read More

Get it Done: New Years Web Resolutions

By this time of year, a lot of people have made out their New Years resolution lists. The end of the old year and the beginning of the new is a good time to re-commit to self improvement; out with the bad, in with the good, if you will. But… Read More