3 Gmail Labs To Boost Your Productivity

An often overlooked feature of Gmail, Gmail Labs, offers several “experimental features” that can add functionality to your in-browser Gmail experience. A handful of these Labs are outdated, some downright superfluous, but three in particular have really been a welcomed productivity boost to me… Read More

7-ish Reasons Why Email Drives Me Crazy

The whole goal of email is to be more efficient, but few people are. As a person who works in a tech-savy environment (and prefers email as a medium of business communication), I get SOOOO frustrated when people suck at email. But so many people are terrible email communicators. More… Read More

Tagging Your Emails for Google Analytics Tracking

In my last post I discussed the basics of campaign tagging and how it can help you track the performance of your inbound links. In my next few posts I’m going to focus on tagging specific mediums starting today with email. In my opinion, email is the most… Read More