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Client Spotlight: Maker Faire Chattanooga is proud of the fact that we’re from Chattanooga. Although our client list has an international reach, we are excited to live, work, and play in Chattanooga, and enjoy working with companies who feel the same way.

The Chattanooga Maker Faire represents exactly what we love about this city: The hand-made, do-it-yourself attitude that has made our mid sized city one …

Spotlight: Variable Technologies

Here at Delegator, we’re slightly obsessed with the latest and greatest in geek technology.  Whether its our resident neck-beard painstakingly showing us every single android feature that is better than its iOS counterpart, or our yuppiest of project managers downloading the latest social aggregator on his iPad mini, we pretty much have an epic collection of techy toys.

That’s why we are extremely …

Clean And Green: Keeping Downtown Beautiful

A few weekends ago a few volunteers from the Delegator team joined up with a few more volunteers at Smart Furniture to participate in RiverCity Company’s Clean & Green event. RiverCity recruits volunteer teams for the event to come out on a designated Saturday twice a year to clean up our downtown.  We collected 10 bags of debris and broken concrete blocks left in parking lots, pulled weeds and removed graffiti on …

  • Posted: May 25, 2012
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What the Wire Can Teach Us About SEM – Part 1 of 2

The Wire is everyone’s favorite show for a reason. A deep well of characters, a sprawling narrative that felt intimate and alive, a searing critique of the drug war and a top to bottom post-mortem on the heart of a once-great city. It could only be described as, well, “Dickensian.” Sorry, Gus!

The Wire was one of those shows that kept you on the hook with long-developing plot lines (investigations, mergers, …

Congratulations Will This Float Winner, George Yu

Last night we headed over to The Company Lab for the second annual Will This Float? event to hear pitches from six entrepreneurial teams. It was a packed house with prizes including business services, a workspace at The Company Lab, and cash on the line.  Teams were judged by a panel of entrepreneurs and investors as well as the crowd vote.

  • Posted: February 24, 2012
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Chattanooga’s Ultimate Outdoor Giveaway

How often do you find yourself describing Chattanooga to an out of town friend?  For me, I’m constantly bragging on Chattanooga and what we’ve got to offer to visitors and travelers of all types.

Yes, there are the cool tourist activities that you can read about on the billboards driving in, but there’s a whole other side to Chattanooga that most tourists …

  • Posted: February 2, 2012
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  • Comments: 1’s New Years Resolutions! (This time we’re really going to do it!)

1. This year, I will stop focusing on the numbers on the scale. I will stop focusing on keywords only when I write SEO content.

2. This year, I will do something active and physical every day. I will regularly add to and refresh the content of my site.

3. This year, I am finally …

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Delegator Team

Last night, Delegator hosted the office Christmas party, full of celebration and reflection.  This has been a busy, fulfilling year for the entire staff. We’ve helped growing businesses and websites get off the ground, strengthened existing companies, and successfully managed PPC, Social Media, Video, Content, Analytics and Link-Building campaigns for clients all over the country and here in Chattanooga, TN….

  • Posted: December 22, 2011
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Andrew Scarbrough Named YP Entrepreneur Of The Year

We’d like to congratulate our very own Andrew Scarbrough for being named Entrepreneur of the Year by the Young Professional Association of Chattanooga!  Nearly 150 people were present for the YP Awards ceremony last Friday that “recognizes outstanding artists, businesses, community servants and young professionals in the Chattanooga community.”  This is the 5th year YPAC has …

48 Hour Launch Recap

This past weekend the Delegator team joined dozens of other entrepreneurs from around Chattanooga at the 48 Hour Launch event hosted by The Company Lab. There were some last minute venue changes so business people, entrepreneurs, and reporters gathered in the cafeteria of Battle Academy to hear the startup ideas pitched and …

  • Posted: November 17, 2011
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