GIGTANK Pitch Night is Tomorrow!

Gigtank Pitch Night RSVP Page The crown jewel of the Chattanooga startup world, GigTank, is culminating tomorrow with all 12 teams pitching their ideas and progress. These businesses will get to present and demo their product in front of investors and raucous Chattanooga supporters, all the while, having… Read More

Client Spotlight: Maker Faire Chattanooga is proud of the fact that we’re from Chattanooga. Although our client list has an international reach, we are excited to live, work, and play in Chattanooga, and enjoy working with companies who feel the same way. The Chattanooga Maker Faire represents exactly what we love about this city: The… Read More

Congrats to Client Global Green Lighting

We’d like to congratulate Global Green Lighting President & CEO, Don Lepard, and the entire GGL team on a successful Grand Opening! We were proud to be a part of such an exciting day and enjoyed celebrating the Grand Opening event with other business leaders and elected officials. Read More

Chattanooga's GIGTANK: Why this matters

You’ve heard the hype surrounding our town and its technological advantage.  We are home to a 600 square mile gigabit grid capable of delivering 1000 Mbps, up and down, to every man, woman, and child in this city. Awesome. That… Read More

Irony, Man.

Source: By now, you’ve heard about the ‘controversy’ surrounding Iron Man 3’s dubious depiction of Chattanooga, TN as a backwoods hick town with internet so deplorable the world might end.  For any of you actually living in Chattanooga, this is comical (Iron Man is… Read More

Spotlight: Variable Technologies

Here at Delegator, we’re slightly obsessed with the latest and greatest in geek technology.  Whether its our resident neck-beard painstakingly showing us every single android feature that is better than its iOS counterpart, or our yuppiest of project managers downloading the latest social aggregator on his iPad mini, we pretty… Read More

Chattanooga, TN – Tech Transformation

The last couple of years have been very kind to our city.  Not too far in the past, we were a broken city that was on the brink of collapse.  Extremely polluted, dangerous, and losing population at a rapid rate, Chattanooga was in need of a makeover.  Little did we… Read More