4 Best Practices For User Testing Your Website

So you’ve built out a new website or landing page, and you’re excited to show it to the world. Your colleagues, friends, and family think that your new creation is awesome – and you’re feeling pretty good about yourself. You’re thinking that you might be ready to launch.. Read More

3 Gmail Labs To Boost Your Productivity

An often overlooked feature of Gmail, Gmail Labs, offers several “experimental features” that can add functionality to your in-browser Gmail experience. A handful of these Labs are outdated, some downright superfluous, but three in particular have really been a welcomed productivity boost to me… Read More

The New New Thing

Are you guys familiar with the Technological Singularity? The basic premise is that machine super-intelligence is an inevitability – that computers will become more and more intelligent until a point at which they surpass us by many leagues. Right now you may be saying to yourself, “Self, what does… Read More

What the Wire Can Teach Us About SEM – Part 1 of 2

The Wire is everyone’s favorite show for a reason. A deep well of characters, a sprawling narrative that felt intimate and alive, a searing critique of the drug war and a top to bottom post-mortem on the heart of a once-great city. It could only be described as, well, “Dickensian.”… Read More

Top Six Ways to Write More, Yes Even More Content

Okay, so you’ve spent months writing content for your new site. You’ve written about every little detail of every product or service you offer, filled in every bit of background information you can think of, and generally driven yourself crazy trying to fill as many pages as you can. But… Read More

How to Run Your Own Blog

And lo, Delegator.com journeyed into the wilderness of the 156 million public blogs on the Internet, and returned to the people with commandments; and these commandments numbered 10. I. Post early, post often, and keep posting. The most important thing any blogger can do is to keep blogging. At first,… Read More

High Quality Video

The modern media market is saturated with video. Videos on websites, video ads before the websites even load, commercials on television, at gas station pumps and in the backs of cabs. Videos on corporate retreats, in job training sessions, anywhere and everywhere. And, of course there’s YouTube. YouTube is not… Read More

Social Media and Your Business: Twitter 101

If you’re new to Twitter or you’re setting up your business’ Twitter account for the first time, you may be wondering what you’ve gotten yourself into.  Twitter can be a confusing thing at first if you’re not familiar with how to use the “@” symbol, the hashtag (#) or what… Read More