Dynamic Remarketing: Building The Best Lists

Dynamic Remarketing gives advertisers the unique ability to remarket with banner ads that showcase the exact products the potential customer viewed. The caveat, as with all remarketing, is of course that the potential customer had to visit your site in the first place. The potential for this new type… Read More

How Long Should I Run My Experiment in AdWords?

“How long should I run my experiment?” asks a ridiculously high number of online marketing managers. Typically, the answer to this question is more complicated than most want to hear. It may be a buzz phrase by now, but the goal with any experiment is to reach statistical significance–not simply… Read More

Reporting TRUE AdWords Assisted Conversion Values

Great, Multi-Channel Expectations When Google Analytics Multi-Channel funnels first came out, we were AWED and AMAZED. The metrics I latched onto first were the assisted transaction and revenue attributions. At last! Now those lower-converting AdWords campaigns could show their value. I knew they had to be doing something, but… Read More

Don't 301 Your Robots.txt

Delegator has a client we’ll call the Widget Company. In September 2011 they decided to make a switch from Brand-keyword-stuffed-domain.com to Brand.com AND do a complete site redesign and restructuring. However, being a forward thinking company that relies on a lot of search traffic, they wanted to make the… Read More