Case Study: Mesai Barefoot Technology

Delegator began partnering with MBT USA on their digital advertising in October 2018. In the first month of managing ads, Delegator was able to increase the revenue from Google Search ads by 111% from the previous month, while spending 38% less. The result was an increase in ROAS from 2.92 to 9.88.


The hole in their shoe

The previous manager of MBT USA’s campaigns were only running Google Search ads, and were only targeting branded search terms. This left slim to no advertising efforts going towards acquiring new customers.

The “Shoe closet” upgrade

Delegator was able to expand MBT USA’s advertising to potential customers further up the marketing funnel by optimizing their current Google Search campaigns and expanding to Google Shopping, Bing Shopping, Bing Search, Instagram/Facebook, and Amazon.

The Perfect fit

In the first month that Delegator managed the account, they were able to increase monthly revenue from advertising by a factor of 5x while only increasing total ad spend by 3.65x. The end result was an increase in ROAS from 4.35 to 6.0, getting a much higher average ROAS from both remarketing and prospecting campaigns.

October 2018 (DG’s first month):

  • Spend: $11,597.73

    • (AdW $7,552.96 + Bing $1,003.30 + FB $3,041.47)

  • Revenue: $69,577.94

  • ROAS: 6.00

October 2017:

  • Spend: $3,174.32

    • (AdW $3,149.16 + Bing $25.16 + FB $0)

  • Revenue: $13,812.24

  • ROAS: 4.35

October 2018 ( DG’s first monthGoogle Search Only):

  • Spend: $4,414.51

  • Revenue: $43,632.82

  • ROAS: 9.88

September 2018 (Google Search Only):

  • Spend: $6,731.75

  • Revenue: $18,205.82

  • ROAS: 2.75