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48 Hour Launch Recap

48 Hour LaunchThis past weekend the Delegator team joined dozens of other entrepreneurs from around Chattanooga at the 48 Hour Launch event hosted by The Company Lab. There were some last minute venue changes so business people, entrepreneurs, and reporters gathered in the cafeteria of Battle Academy to hear the startup ideas pitched and find a team to work with for the weekend. Delegator was proud to be a title sponsor of 48 Launch once again! We had a blast meeting a ton of great Chattanooga entrepreneurs and floating from team to team over the weekend learning and helping!

Because the event is growing rapidly, the The Company Lab crew split the competition into three separate tracks: Social Innovation, Products, and Technology. For Demo night, on Sunday evening, all of the teams gathered at Track 29 to present what they had accomplished over the weekend. The winners were chosen by a panel of judges and live audience voting. Congratulations to:

Social Innovation Winner: The Unfoundation


Product Winner: Slawsa


Technology Winner: Job Ninja

Countdown To 48Hour Launch
We’re just a few short hours away from the kick-off of 48Hour Launch, one of our very favorite events here in our hometown of Chattanooga, TN. If you’re unfamiliar with 48Hour Launch, its goal is to be a launching pad for dozens of great new business and social innovation ideas in Chattanooga. Over 120 Chattanoogans packed in to “pitch night” last week to share their plans and ideas. Starting tonight, “teams” will form around those pitchmen, with the goal of launching a working company or social innovation within the next Lots of hard work, coffee, all-nighters, ping pong and pizza go into the event, and Delegator is proud to again be the title sponsor of 48Hour Launch. We’ll be there all weekend, lending a hand in whatever way we can to support the entrepreneurs of our fair and growing city.48 hours.

If you’re in the area please stop by. The entrance fee is low for all the things you get (free food, games, camaraderie, a new business) and it’s always a lot of fun.

You can see all the relevant information on the event here, at the 48 Hour Launch main page.

Mad Gravity Chooses to Manage Strategic Web Marketing Goals in 2011 Will Manage, Measure and Optimize Web Marketing for

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. -- and Mad Gravity announced today that will provide web analytics, search engine optimization, paid search, display advertising, and social media consulting services to, an enterprise group messaging application that helps organizations with group communication.

“Delegator is pleased to be working with the talented team at Mad Gravity,” said Stephen Culp, CEO of “Like Delegator, Mad Gravity wears innovation on their sleeve, and understands that the best innovation is the kind that helps customers solve a problem or achieve a goal,” Culp added.  “Yaptap is just such an innovation, and Delegator looks forward to accelerating the growth of its customer base.”

“Yaptap will help a wide range of groups --from churches to schools to businesses-- to be more connected, more informed, and more productive,” said Andrew Scarbrough, Vice President at Delegator and Project Lead.  “Such a great product deserves great marketing, and Delegator is excited about the opportunities and potential of our partnership with Yaptap.”

To lead the effort, Delegator will manage, measure and optimize Mad Gravity’s web marketing strategy and execution.  Delegator will focus on creating quality content, white-hat search engine optimization, and creative pay-per-click advertising.  At the same time, Delegator and Yaptap will cater to Yaptap’s quickly expanding user base through improved performance and web analytics.

“We selected Delegator because we were impressed with the results they’ve been able to consistently achieve for their clients,” said Jeff Cole, Chief Marketing Officer, Mad Gravity. “We needed a top caliber interactive firm to extend our brand message and help drive sales. We believe there is no one better suited for the job.”

About Mad Gravity Mad Gravity developers of Yaptap –  the leading enterprise web and mobile group communications and messaging software, and Youth Assistant the leading youth ministry software solution for more than 10,000 churches across the U.S. and Canada.

About Delegator was born of necessity, as a growing company designed for growing companies.  Founded by a team of successful entrepreneurs, Delegator manages critical on-demand business services like SEO, PPC advertising, social media, local search, web development, video production, ecommerce and web analytics. Delegator’s mission is to help growing companies focus on their mission, and confidently delegate the rest.

48 Hour Launch

This past Friday, the Delegator team headed over to 48 Hour Launch, a weekend event hosted by The Company Lab where entrepreneurs pitch their ideas, form teams, and launch their business by the end of the weekend. Once the event kicked off in the gym of the old YMCA (future site of Basecamp Chattanooga), teams were quickly formed and everyone got to work.  We enjoyed bouncing from team to team, helping out where we could, and joining in on the occasional dodge ball game.

Final pitch presentations were made to a panel of judges Sunday afternoon and then later to the audience, who voted on their favorite pitch of the night.  The winner of 48 Hour Launch was determined by a combination of the judges’ scores (75%) and the audience votes (25%).

Pitches were made Sunday by BoxAtomic,, Cumberland Signal Flight Hub,, Low Country Boil in a Box, Relove 2 Reduce, RoveWorks, SmartCushion, Snappy, and

Delegator was proud to be this year’s 48 Hour Launch sponsor.  We wish all the participants future success with their ideas, and we’d like to congratulate the 48 Hour Launch winner, Cumberland Signal Flight Hub!

3 Things We've Learned From March Madness

The Final Four is approaching this weekend, which means it is time for another sports-related blog post. While we can’t get enough of March Madness here at Delegator - let’s just say office lunch breaks tend to last a little longer in March - we have picked up on a couple of lessons from the Tournament that we can apply to our own line of work.

1. Depth

To make a run in the NCAA tournament, you will need contributions from your starters and bench alike. Depth allows teams to survive and advance when their star player gets in foul trouble or doesn’t have the best shooting night.

Maybe Google AdWords is the bread and butter of your business. But what will you do when competition increases and you can’t squeeze the same ROI out of paid search? You’ll need to have a backup plan to drive that traffic and sales (a blog , email marketing, etc.)

2. Consistency

To get to the coveted Final Four, your team has to play at a high level and maintain it for two weeks. No one remembers the first weekend blowouts if they’re followed by a poor showing in the second weekend (sorry Duke fans).

Duke loses

Consistency for an online business means maintaining a steady stream of revenue from your site. Sure, you might see some big numbers around Christmas if you’re an ecommerce site, or around other sales and promotions. But the key to sustaining an online business is consistency. This means always staying visible, by periodically refreshing content on your site, updating your Facebook status, and tweeting, among other things.

3. Experience

With all due respect to Brad Stevens, the conventional wisdom is that experience matters in the NCAA Tournament. There are countless examples of veteran teams outshining talented, but young teams in the Big Dance. Does anyone think VCU makes their Cinderella run without starting 4 seniors and a junior?

Experience is important in e-marketing as it can help you to navigate the inevitable challenges you will face. In the e-marketplace, we face challenges all the time. After all, we are unavoidably reliant on search engines and social media platforms for a lot of our business, and having SEO experience allows us to adapt when Google or Facebook rolls out their latest change. Instead of panicking when this occurs, an experienced online marketing team will be able to analyze the change, assess how it will affect their business, and devise a strategy moving forward.

Visit Delegator at the Chamber's Business Expo

Heading to the Chamber Business Expo this week? Come visit our booth, meet the Delegator team, and learn how we can help you focus on your mission and delegate the rest. The Expo, Chattanooga’s only business trade show, will be held this Wednesday, March 16th at the Chattanooga Convention Center. The Expo is open from 9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. and will showcase hundreds of businesses. We’ll be at booth #93 and would love to see you! To see a full list of participating companies, visit the Chamber’s website.

Delegator Presents Web Marketing Strategies That Work

On Tuesday we presented “Web Marketing Strategies That Work” at the Business Building Blocks Seminar with Smart Furniture CEO, T.J. Gentle, at the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce.  We had a great crowd, representing many different industries.  The seminar was broken up into three major categories: Devising a Web Marketing Strategy, Internet Marketing Tactics That Work, and Social Media for Your Organization.  We’d like to say a big thanks to the Chamber and the Tennessee Small Business Development Center for hosting and sponsoring the event!

Join Us Tuesday: Web Marketing Strategies That Work

Delegator will be presenting at the Chattanooga Chamber’s Business Building Blocks 2011 Seminar Series this Tuesday, February 22 at 8:00 a.m. in the Chamber Board Room. Presenters T.J. Gentle (CEO of and Delegator team members, Andrew Scarbrough and Heather Ewalt, will focus on how both large and small companies can develop a web marketing strategy that works and the best tactics for achieving their online goals. Topics will include how to build a website that converts, search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, email marketing and social media. Interested? Find ticket information for the event on the Chamber’s website.

Goals in Analytics: Does Your Site Measure Up?

Recently, I wrote about Google Analytics and claimed that it is a must-have for any serious website. Hopefully some of you took heed and installed Analytics on your own site. With Analytics in place, you can now rest assured that a lot of important information is being tracked. The trick now is making that vast amount of information useful for your business. The easiest way to do this is through Goals. Goals provide a simple, intuitive way to get a lot out of your web data. After all, every webmaster  has goals for their website. Why not track them? In Analytics, we can even go a step further by assigning relative values to multiple goals. Say a blog subscription is worth half as much to you as a lead form submission, but it is worth twice as much as an order form download. Use these numbers as your goal inputs, keeping in mind that they should reflect some economic value to your business.

Goals in Analytics

This opens up a new stream of data in Analytics - and one that should be quite useful for your marketing efforts. Now you will be able to see what kind of value you are getting from your organic search marketing, paid search, and social media. If you notice you get $50 of value for every $20 you spend on AdWords, then consider spending more on AdWords. If you only get $10 of value, then you may need to optimize your paid search strategy.

Analytics Goal Values

For more information on how to set up goals, check out a primer from the Official Analytics blog. And it will be worth your while to read the Godfather of Analytics, Avinash Kaushik, detail his obsession with economic goal values.

Google Analytics: How Does The Other Half Live?

A recent analysis shows that only 50% of the top million websites have Google Analytics tracking code. This begs the question: What are the other half of websites doing? To those who work in Analytics on a daily, or at least weekly basis, this is a serious question. With the growth of social networks and e-commerce, it would seem that at least a majority of website owners would place a premium on insightful information about their website. To be sure, there are other Analytics software packages that will track useful data about website visitors. But most of these packages are expensive - Google’s is free - and many lack the intuitive interface of Google Analytics that makes all that mess of data clean and actionable. And now that Google’s tracking code is asynchronous, site speed is no longer a reason to eschew Analytics.

So what are these 50% of website owners thinking? Quick answer: They aren’t.

The Other Half

A straw poll of small business owners with websites would probably reveal that a lot of them have never heard of Analytics and don’t know the wealth of information that can be made available to them at no cost. What to do now? Well, we did make getting the word out about Google Analytics one of our New Year's Resolutions.

Stay tuned for a series of posts in the coming weeks on how to get the most out of Analytics for your business or blog. But in the meantime, go ahead and create your Analytics account, and join the soon-to-be majority of websites in the knowledgeable class.