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Reporting TRUE AdWords Assisted Conversion Values

Great, Multi-Channel Expectations

When Google Analytics Multi-Channel funnels first came out, we were AWED and AMAZED. The metrics I latched onto first were the assisted transaction and revenue attributions. At last! Now those lower-converting AdWords campaigns could show their value. I knew they had to be doing something, but I didn’t have the tools to prove it before.

A Sad Discovery

I quickly came to discover, however, that these Assisted attributions are not in addition to the Last-Interaction conversions but rather include any conversion that involves an AdWords click along the conversion path, even if the Last-Interaction conversion was through AdWords as well. This means that we were reporting overlapping attribution on our AdWords transactions and revenue values! Basically, we couldn’t get anywhere near accurate revenue values for Assisted and Last-Interaction Conversions when combining their values together.

Data-Driven Redemption

That is, until we built a User-Defined Conversion Segment. We call our heroine “Exclude AdWords Last Interaction.” She looks a little something like this:

Exclude AdWords Last Interaction

Turn on this segment in the AdWords section of the Multi-Channel Funnels Assisted Conversions tab and it’ll set all of your Last-Interaction values to zero in addition to excluding any overlapping Last-Interaction revenue attributions from your Assisted conversion metrics. These are the REAL sidekicks -- none posing as the breadwinner.

True Assisted Conversion Value

These reports now show overall revenue numbers that I can pass on to clients and not feel like they’re being quite so duped by the illusions of attribution as I once was.

If you need help setting up this segment or any similar to it, we’re here to help. Just let us know.

Riding the New Google Analytics Features Roll-Out

With great patience, we’ve all been waiting for Google Analytics to roll out new features on its swanky, contemporary interface. As the resident analyst here at Delegator, I admit I was wary of the new Analytics when it first appeared this past fall. I compulsively clicked  the “Old Version” option in the top navigation bar upon logging in for a couple of weeks, but I gradually (begrudgingly) trained my eye to the new look and feel. And as any good love story goes, distaste slowly transforms into bedazzlement for my new GA beau as each refined feature appears. New Feature Improves Productivity

The first thing that stood out to me on the new interface was how much more user-friendly it is than the old version, which meant it didn’t appear to be quite as analyst-friendly as I desired. It was easier to find the quick hit metrics, but I didn’t initially see how the layout was as conducive to cross-metric analysis. As each new feature is released, however, I find my worries falling away one-by-one. There are a couple of highlights worth noting already, and they haven't even rolled out the custom reporting PDF or email features yet (hint hint)!

1. Multi-Channel Funnels

Most notably, the multi-channel funnel feature has improved my traffic sources-conversion analysis beyond compare. I’ve singularly used this tool to optimize a small AdWords account within the past month, which resulted in truly staggering ROI results. For companies with fewer conversions, having this ability to optimize for assisted conversions adds a level of unprecedented refinement to data analysis that I didn't even think to request.

2. Converting Standard Reports Into Custom Reports

I'm trying not to go too crazy on this one. When I saw the "Customize" option in one of the Standard Reports tabs, I gasped thinking of the endless reports I could build from these standard platforms. However, I do urge caution on this frontier. Building custom reports from scratch may be a pain, but they remain my most valuable reports. I can imagine this customize feature being incredibly useful in instances where you really do just need to add one or two more metric columns to a standard report, but I don't think it should supplement the careful planning that typically goes into a custom report. Customize wisely, my analytical brothers and sisters.

Much to my delight, the new Analytics interface is beautiful and fast. With fresh new buttons, streamlined categorization, and new dashboard building options, it seems Google is finding that sweet spot where Analytics will please both the average user and the analytics guru alike.