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Congrats to Client Global Green Lighting

We'd like to congratulate Global Green Lighting President & CEO, Don Lepard, and the entire GGL team on a successful Grand Opening! We were proud to be a part of such an exciting day and enjoyed celebrating the Grand Opening event with other business leaders and elected officials. Global Green Lighting President & CEO Don Lepard Cuts The Ribbon

Global Green Lighting Grand Opening With Governor Haslam, Mayor Berke And Elected Officials

Governor Haslam Speaks at Global Green Lighting Grand Opening

To read more about the event, see the Chattanooga Times Free Press or stories. For more information about Global Green Lighting, visit


Irony, Man.

Source: By now, you’ve heard about the ‘controversy’ surrounding Iron Man 3’s dubious depiction of Chattanooga, TN as a backwoods hick town with internet so deplorable the world might end.  For any of you actually living in Chattanooga, this is comical (Iron Man is a comic book, afterall), as ‘The Gig City’ is a beautiful, populous town, with a cutting edge broadband infrastructure rivaled by few in the world.   

The chuckles might nervously trail when one considers that that Verizon FiOS, boasting "Internet speeds that will rock the competition", is one of the main promotional sponsors of Iron Man 3.

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 11.41.28 AM

Surely it's a coincidence that all the other small towns in Iron Man 3 are fictional except Chattanooga, whose sole plot line contribution is 'slow internet', right?

Surely there isn't some Verizon guy in a suit who thought it would be clever to rip Chattanooga for slow internet, just because he can, right?

If so.... not sure he thought it through, as the publicity has been priceless, and the content flowing fast -- roughly a gig a second.

We love irony, man!

Spotlight: Variable Technologies

Here at Delegator, we’re slightly obsessed with the latest and greatest in geek technology.  Whether its our resident neck-beard painstakingly showing us every single android feature that is better than its iOS counterpart, or our yuppiest of project managers downloading the latest social aggregator on his iPad mini, we pretty much have an epic collection of techy toys. That’s why we are extremely excited about a local tech company that we’re working with: Variable Technologies.

These guys are the real deal.  Led by George Yu, a PhD engineering wiz out of Georgia Tech, Variable Technologies produces a modular sensory device called NODE.

NODE is a sleek and powerful bluetooth device that sends a wide array of data sets to your smartphone.

As illustrated, NODE is comprised of a core unit aptly named Kore, and has 2 open slots at either end which can be configured with any two modules.  Even without two modules attached, Kore is loaded, boasting a motion engine, a gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer.  Combine this with all the module offerings, and you’ve got yourself a powerhouse.

A sampling of the sensory options you have with NODE:

NODE features some differentiators that we think could be game changing:

1. It’s modular

Variable Tech produces a wide variety of sensors, with a ton still in R&D.  All of the module sensors are compatible with the central unit - Kore.  Simply screw on whichever sensor you are interested in using, and you can immediately start collecting data.

2. It’s smartphone based

These days, everyone has a smartphone; especially professionals.  Choosing a widely owned and popular platform lowers barriers to market adoption.  Whether it's for small, niche companies, or massive corporate quality control, it doesn’t take much to equip your team with this device and begin collecting valuable data.

3. It’s cheap

In the realm of handheld sensors, NODE costs a fraction of what other, enterprise level sensory devices cost, and it collects a comparable caliber of data.

Variable Technologies is on a hot streak right now - wrapping up second of two very successful Kickstarters.  They have been all over tech blogs (TechCrunch, Gizmag, and many more), and have recently interviewed with Forbes, Wired, and Popular Mechanics.

Based on current web trends and the rising obsession with mobile, it's hard to imagine that Variable Tech's NODE won't soon be changing the way businesses standardize their field data collection.  Heck, maybe we'll even see NODE on Mary Meeker's 2013 trends summary!

We hope you’ll be as excited to watch these guys evolve as we are!


Web -

Twitter - @VariableTech

Facebook - NODE


Chattanooga, TN - Tech Transformation

The last couple of years have been very kind to our city.  Not too far in the past, we were a broken city that was on the brink of collapse.  Extremely polluted, dangerous, and losing population at a rapid rate, Chattanooga was in need of a makeover.  Little did we know that a makeover would be a huge understatement of improvements to come. Fast forward 35 years, and Chattanooga has undergone a massive transformation to become one of the most cutting edge and beautiful cities in the United States.

One part of the amazing transformation has been Chattanooga’s deployment of a 600 square mile fiber optic grid. This grid provides every Chattanoogan with access to blazing fast 1000Mbps fiberoptic bandwidth, and 40,000 people are taking advantage of the service at various levels (EPB offers 30, 50, 100, and 1000mpbs).  The timeline below shows the years of hard work that made this smart grid possible.

After years of hard work, Chattanooga had a special moment.  A moment that seemed to be a milestone of entrepreneurially epic proportions.

Thursday, August 9th, was a big day for Chattanooga, TN.

The Gig Tank

On August 9th, Chattanooga was on display in front of the world for the first Gig Tank Demo Day.

The Gig Tank was a bold project put together in typical Chattanooga fashion; that is private sector, government, education, non-profit, and other civic sectors working together to collectively do something big.  Part startup accelerator, part think tank, part contest, the Gig Tank brought students and entrepreneurs from around the world to Chattanooga to spend a summer working on next generation gigabit applications.

After a year’s worth of planning and nail biting, the Demo Day culmination of the Gig Tank came together beautifully. In front of a packed house of 470 attendees, a variety of crazy-awesome ideas were pitched in front of venture capitalists, serial entrepreneurs, media, and multi-national companies.  One look at the sponsors and list of judges made one feel that this was NOT the typical Chattanooga event. Likewise, one look at the last year's worth of momentum makes one feel that this will become typical Chattanooga activity.

The top prize went to team Banyan - a cloud based version control system for collaborative research. Think Github, but for researchers.  They scored $100,000 to put towards their business.

Two other prizes were awarded - the $50,000 student prize to Babel Sushi, a real-time translation application, and the $10,000 Warner Brothers Digital Media prize to Iron Gamer, a new social gaming company.

As put by Demo Day judge Glenn Ricart, everyone was a winner at this event.  The teams received mentorship from top southeastern entrepreneurs, and investment.  The audience, made up largely of VC’s from around the country, saw cutting edge ideas and technologies put on full display.  Chattanooga might be the biggest winner of all, as nearly everyone based here has a genuine feeling of, “We will be the next Silicon Valley”.

That sentiment was proliferated around the country in a big way.


Press coverage about the event and Chattanooga’s Gig network can be found here.

Photos of the event can be found here.

To stay posted with the latest ‘Gig City’ news, follow @TheGigCity and ‘like’ The Gig City on Facebook.

Clean And Green: Keeping Downtown Beautiful

A few weekends ago a few volunteers from the Delegator team joined up with a few more volunteers at Smart Furniture to participate in RiverCity Company's Clean & Green event. RiverCity recruits volunteer teams for the event to come out on a designated Saturday twice a year to clean up our downtown.  We collected 10 bags of debris and broken concrete blocks left in parking lots, pulled weeds and removed graffiti on building walls. It was pretty impressive to see what a small team could do in such a short time. If you're local and interested in participating in RiverCity's next Clean & Green event this fall, sign up on and volunteer your time for the next event.

Congratulations Will This Float Winner, George Yu

Last night we headed over to The Company Lab for the second annual Will This Float? event to hear pitches from six entrepreneurial teams. It was a packed house with prizes including business services, a workspace at The Company Lab, and cash on the line.  Teams were judged by a panel of entrepreneurs and investors as well as the crowd vote.

George Yu from Variable Technologies pitched his latest gadget, Node, a modular smartphone device that uses sensors to detect things like temperature, elevation and physical motion. He's currently raising funding on Kickstarter and has already received attention from engadget.

To read more about the event and the teams who pitched, check out The Company Lab's latest blog post, This Node Can Float.

Special thanks to Matt Baxter with Just Shoot Me Photography for letting us use his images in this post.

Chattanooga's Ultimate Outdoor Giveaway

How often do you find yourself describing Chattanooga to an out of town friend?  For me, I'm constantly bragging on Chattanooga and what we've got to offer to visitors and travelers of all types.

Yes, there are the cool tourist activities that you can read about on the billboards driving in, but there's a whole other side to Chattanooga that most tourists will not be exposed to.  That is why we've teamed up with The Crash Pad and some of the best restaurants and destinations in town to create the most epic Chattanooga getaway imaginable!

The goal of this contest is to bring an outdoor and activity enthusiast to Chattanooga to take advantage of all the amazing stuff we have to offer.

The winning package will include free meals at the area's best restaurants, choices from outdoor activities (Rock Climbing, Kayaking, and Hangliding), 3 nights free stay at The Crash Pad, tickets to other downtown Chattanooga attractions, and a portion of travel expenses proportionate to the cost of transit.

Dinner is paid for - Activities are taken care of - Itinerary is done. All you have to do is kill it.

To enter, visit the Crash Pad's Facebook page and submit an essay or photo essay describing why and how you would best utilize your time spent in Chattanooga.  Along with the grand prize,  five submissions will be chosen at random to receive vouchers for a free private room or 2 Super Bunks at The Crash Pad.

Good luck and we can’t wait to show you a good time!

Andrew Scarbrough Named YP Entrepreneur Of The Year

We'd like to congratulate our very own Andrew Scarbrough for being named Entrepreneur of the Year by the Young Professional Association of Chattanooga!  Nearly 150 people were present for the YP Awards ceremony last Friday that "recognizes outstanding artists, businesses, community servants and young professionals in the Chattanooga community."  This is the 5th year YPAC has awarded a local professional in Chattanooga with the YP Entrepreneur of the Year award. As Co-Founder and VP of Operations here at Delegator, Andrew has helped forge a culture of entrepreneurship both on the for-profit side ( and non-profit side (  Delegator is a company of entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, and our mission is to help growing companies focus on their mission, and confidently delegate the rest.  When forming Delegator, Andrew and co-founder Stephen Culp decided that part of our mission would include giving part of our time to charitable causes.  Andrew has helped carry out this mission in various ways, including being a part of the founding team of  Causeway is a civic engagement hub -- a platform for pairing worthy causes with ways to address them.  Causeway's goal is to support civic entrepreneurs -- the civic equivalent of the scrappy, hard-working small businessperson who sees an opportunity to make something work better.  And in this case, the community is the one who profits.

Congratulations Andrew on a well-deserved award!

48 Hour Launch Recap

48 Hour LaunchThis past weekend the Delegator team joined dozens of other entrepreneurs from around Chattanooga at the 48 Hour Launch event hosted by The Company Lab. There were some last minute venue changes so business people, entrepreneurs, and reporters gathered in the cafeteria of Battle Academy to hear the startup ideas pitched and find a team to work with for the weekend. Delegator was proud to be a title sponsor of 48 Launch once again! We had a blast meeting a ton of great Chattanooga entrepreneurs and floating from team to team over the weekend learning and helping!

Because the event is growing rapidly, the The Company Lab crew split the competition into three separate tracks: Social Innovation, Products, and Technology. For Demo night, on Sunday evening, all of the teams gathered at Track 29 to present what they had accomplished over the weekend. The winners were chosen by a panel of judges and live audience voting. Congratulations to:

Social Innovation Winner: The Unfoundation


Product Winner: Slawsa


Technology Winner: Job Ninja

Countdown To 48Hour Launch
We’re just a few short hours away from the kick-off of 48Hour Launch, one of our very favorite events here in our hometown of Chattanooga, TN. If you’re unfamiliar with 48Hour Launch, its goal is to be a launching pad for dozens of great new business and social innovation ideas in Chattanooga. Over 120 Chattanoogans packed in to “pitch night” last week to share their plans and ideas. Starting tonight, “teams” will form around those pitchmen, with the goal of launching a working company or social innovation within the next Lots of hard work, coffee, all-nighters, ping pong and pizza go into the event, and Delegator is proud to again be the title sponsor of 48Hour Launch. We’ll be there all weekend, lending a hand in whatever way we can to support the entrepreneurs of our fair and growing city.48 hours.

If you’re in the area please stop by. The entrance fee is low for all the things you get (free food, games, camaraderie, a new business) and it’s always a lot of fun.

You can see all the relevant information on the event here, at the 48 Hour Launch main page.