The 2019 Q4 E-Commerce Holiday How-To For Facebook Ads

(That You Don’t Actually Have to Do Yourself)


Happy Q4—the time of year when more How-To: E-Commerce Holiday 2019 Guides are published in a week than PSLs ordered on a day with a forecasted high of 85°. While I am not disputing that you should definitely read those guides, and follow them as you see fit, I think that you deserve a little help this season. Namely, advertising help. 

Every time that crisp autumn wind blows in your direction you’re out there thinking of another item to add to your holiday prep checklist, you’re busy, and you’re doing a great job. Hiring an advertising agency to make sure your brand goes further and shines brighter is an easy step to take, considering the huge impact it will have on your holiday sales.

Allow me to introduce to you the Official 2019 E-Commerce Guide to Things We Can Do For You!

It comes complete with a checklist if you wanted to handle this on your own, but honestly, why do you want to add more to your list?

October Goals: Build audiences through brand awareness + Traffic Campaigns

The first six weeks of Q4 is when your focus should be on your brand. Test to learn how your audience responds to your ad creative, copy, and placements. As an ad agency, this is our sweet spot. We know all of the best practices because we look at the results of different ad creative, daily. 

Do you know what’s going on with your Facebook Catalog, Pixel Tracking, UTM Parameters, and all of the other technical aspects that make your ad dollars stretch further? Full disclosure, it’s a headache to get everything in place. We at Delegator know from experience. The good news is that we know everything that needs to happen to make sure your clicks to conversions are tracked and attributed seamlessly, and everything that needs to happen should happen now, in October, instead of 6:00 a.m. on Small Business Saturday.

Once everything is in place, we know that Facebook & Instagram are the perfect environments to understand who your audience is and how they respond. In brand awareness campaigns, we’re looking for the people who stick around to watch the end of the video or the people who comment on your post. We love those people and we want them to stick around through the holidays.

November goals: Stay Ahead of Competition + Maximize ad spend

Cyber week is the official cornerstone of online holiday shopping. A BigCommerce analysis from last year says, “Out of all holiday digital revenue, almost half of it (40%) occurred during Cyber Week (the period spanning the Tuesday before Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday) in 2018.” So, yeah—it’s kind of a big deal. 

The opportunity to watch your revenue grow is going to be in your reach, but this is a very competitive season and you have to be prepared for a fight. You’ll need somebody who is dedicated to studying the successes and learning opportunities from your ad campaigns to navigate.

We know your mind is on hosting the perfect sale(s), having all of your inventory, staffing, and so much more. That’s why handing your advertising to the experts is the easiest decision. You deserve help! Better, targeted advertising that takes time to build, but it will give a louder voice to your already brilliant plans than a one-size-fits-all ad campaign approach. 

December Goals: Keep sales steady + re-engage Last Minute Shoppers

Keep the Momentum/ It’s almost over!

We’ve seen the trends and read the reports, procrastinators and personal shoppers will keep your shopping season going a few weeks into the New Year! Good thing you’ll have all of this data and learning in your accounts to keep the revenue flowing. 

Your ad spend will have to be the highest during Cyber Week if you want to be competitive, but during December, your cost-per-click will start to normalize. This is the perfect season to wrap up the year with a spike in sales and wrap up yourself in a cozy blanket with a (potentially spiked) hot beverage, knowing that your ads were taken care of for you.

Written By:

Cara Moore - Digital Account Strategist