Do SEM Ads Result In Organic Drop?

New Google Test: AdWords Ads Can Result In 15 Point Drop In Organic Click Through Rates: There haven’t been any big studies on the impact of PPC, AdWords ads, on organic click through rates since Google dropped ads from the right rail in February. But a new small… Read More

Visual Appeal vs Usability

First Impressions Matter: The Importance of Great Visual Design: A study examined the effects of visual appeal and usability on user performance and satisfaction with a website. Users completed different tasks on websites which varied in visual appeal (high and low) and usability (high and low). Read More

Protect Against Duplicate Conversions Data in Analytics

via Google+: Starting today, advertisers can insert Order IDs into AdWords conversion tags to automatically filter out duplicate conversions from the same device. By minimizing duplicate conversions and reviewing more accurate conversion data, you can make better budget and bidding decisions for your campaigns. Until this update, advertisers… Read More

Google Testing Extended Ad Headlines

In new test for Google text ads, headlines are expanded without sacrificing ad copy: Hot on the heels of removing text ads from the right rail of the search results on desktop, Google is beginning to test a new format for text ads. Dubbed Expanded Text Ads, the new… Read More

Google Trends Upgrades To Help Advertisers

In several different areas of AdWords, advertisers can harness “Topics” as a targeting tool. However, until recently, topic-based traffic data has remained somewhat obscure. Last week, Google updated the Google Trends tool to include topic data, in addition to keyword data. Now advertisers have a resource for gauging traffic volume,… Read More

Two Big Changes In Local Search

Google makes 2 ad updates that will affect local search marketers: Ads in Local Finder results The addition of the ads (more than one ad can display) in the Local Finder results means retailers and service providers that aren’t featured in the local three-pack have a new… Read More

Google Takes On TV Advertising

Building the future of TV, with you: Announcing personalized TV ads with DoubleClick Dynamic Ad Insertion Viewers no longer expect content personalized to them, they demand it. And that includes ads. Today we are taking big steps to bring new addressable advertising capabilities to TV Broadcasters and Distributors… Read More

AdWords Report Editor Now Supports Labels

Yes, AdWords Report Editor now supports label columns: Google has added support for the labels columns in AdWords Report Editor. The labels show up at all levels of the account, with color coding and all, as shown [above] in the screen shot posted by Google’s Jon Diorio on… Read More

The One Thing C-Suite Leaders Need To Know About PPC

Explaining The Value Of PPC To The C-Suite: “There Isn’t Really A Traditional Funnel Anymore…It’s all about the micro moments.” – Jeff Allen If there’s one drum beat I see our industry hammering this year, it’s that competition is just going to increase so getting creative and opening up… Read More

Facebook Launches New Tool For Ads Manager

Facebook Launches Delivery Insights for Ads Manager: In a wide-ranging blog post on getting value from Facebook ads, the social media giant announced a new tool called Delivery Insights that will be rolling out globally to its Ads Manager platform over the next few weeks. Delivery Insights… Read More