Google Rolling Out Click-to-Message Extensions

Click-to-Message Extensions Roll Out Upcoming (Photo credit: Google) Another way for advertisers to engage with their clients, and another way Google can charge you for mobile clicks! Text message extensions are rolling out to an AdWords interface near you in the upcoming weeks. These extensions would live… Read More

Google Penguin 4.0 is Finally Here

 It’s finally here. After 23 months of waiting, Google just confirmed that the Penguin 4.0 algorithm is rolling out to all languages. Per Google: Penguin is now real-time. Historically, the list of sites affected by Penguin was periodically refreshed… Read More

Wall Street and Delegator Agree: Facebook and Google are Good Bets

Wondering where to spend your advertising dollars online? Among the clamor of countless blogs – including ours – now Wall Street is weighing in on this question. 24/7 Wall St reports that Alphabet and Facebook now control over 50% of the digital advertising market and predicts their dominance in this space will… Read More

Delegator at Startup Week Chattanooga

Startup Week Chattanooga kicks off next month, and Delegator will be sharing its expertise on digital marketing at two events: Digital Marketing 202 Delegator will present insights and tools to help business create a comprehensive digital marketing plan. Topics will include digital advertising, social media, SEO, and conversion rate optimization. Read More

The Price Extension Bump!

The beauty of Price Extensions in your ads. A really good find from one of our campaigns, price extensions were implemented here on July 24th. Comparing June to August, we saw a 164% increase in CTR, a bump of 202% in clicks, and a CPC decrease of 22%!… Read More

Google Debuts New Design for Merchant Center

Introducing the new Google Merchant Center In their push towards Material Design, Google has released a new version of Merchant Center, where users go to upload Google Shopping product feeds. Think dark and flat. In addition to the new look, they’ve also released a number of… Read More

Facebook Adds Historical Rating for Targeting Demographics

Just discovered this new Facebook advertising feature this morning, as we were updating a client’s account. Facebook just rolled out a historical rating system that will show advertisers which detailed targeting demographics worked and didn’t work, based on past conversion rate and CPC data. Also, if you’re drawing a… Read More

Google Introduces an Analytics Demo Account

Analytics Demo Account Access Google has fantastic Analytics learning videos, blog posts, and even an academy. But if you’re like me, you’re always a bit hesitant to mess with any of your own data as you learn. So, Google has opened up a demo… Read More

Google Stepping Up Their Hospitality Game; Draws Ire of Yelp

Just spotted this for the first time last night, as I was searching for a specific restaurant. Google is adding more features to their Knowledge Graph, populating Zagat Reviews (Google bought Zagat in 2011) and Lists sections right below the restaurant’s contact info. This move pushes organic results even further… Read More