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Digital Advertising Industry Update - Dec. 7, 2017

Life event targeting is now available for YouTube and Gmail advertisements. Life events are major changes to a consumer's lifestyle, such as moving, getting married, or having a baby. During these events, consumers are more likely to explore new brands and purchase new products. Delegator already uses life event targeting on Facebook to great effect. We're excited to see Google taking advantage of this targeting as well. Learn more here. Google is also introducing AdWords promotion extensions, custom intent audiences, and ad variations for testing. More here.

Finally, Google has debuted its new Academy for Ads. This platform should help ad managers better understand and leverage AdWords and other Google advertising products. Check it out here.

Digital Advertising Industry Update – Aug. 31, 2017

Google has introduced an improved, simpler system for ad rotation. Now, ad rotation offers two settings: “optimize” and “rotate indefinitely.” Setting ad rotation to rotate indefinitely will give equal precedence to your ads, meaning they will be displayed consistently in order. This provides a good method for testing the efficacy of individual ads relative to one another. Think of it as A/B testing for your ads. Setting ad rotation to optimize will enable Google to prioritize ads that are expected to perform better than others within an ad group. Optimized ad rotation is geared to generate more traffic and conversions from your ads. When combined with Smart Bidding, it can effectively raise your conversion rate. Learn more about Google's new changes to ad rotation here.

Attribution within multi-channel funnels can be complicated. Google Display Network enables marketers to measure the impact of their display ads in terms of impressions and clicks in Google Analytics. This offers two lens for measuring the effectiveness of your ads. The first measures impressions, ad views that can raise brand and product awareness. The second measures clicks, traffic that your ads lead to your site. What happens when someone sees your ad and doesn't click it, but visits your site later? As a refresher, check out Google Analytics' article See the full Impact of Unclicked Display and Video Ad Impressions using Google Analytics.

Digital Advertising Industry Update - Aug. 17, 2017

Bing has announced an update to its Relevance And Quality Policies by adding a new System Quality Policy. This addition will enable Bing to:

  • Delete keywords and ads that have not produced results over a significant period of time.
  • Limit the numbers of keywords uploaded at a time.
  • Implement new restrictions for certain industries - weapons, pharmaceuticals, gambling, adult - as well as trademark categories.

These updates should not impact most customers.

Google Announces Anagram Match Type

Google has announced that beginning April 1, advertisers will have a new match type option in their toolkit: Anagram Match. Building on the success of the recent change to Exact Match, in which matching uses variations in word order, Google is taking it a step further and matching keywords to search queries that contain any order of the keyword’s individual letters.

Now, advertisers will no longer have to manually create every possible permutation of the individual characters in their keywords to expand the reach of their ads. Google will do the anagramming work for you and begin matching to search queries that have some possibility of relevance. Users can mark keywords as Anagram Match by bracketing them in tildes, e.g. ~keyword~.

In the official announcement, Google showcased a few early case studies from select advertisers who took part in the limited Beta program.

Trust Safety Bank found success in opening debit card accounts for customers with poor credit scores, a part of the market that had been previously overlooked (and, in fact, expressly forbidden) by their CEO and Chief Risk Officer. After the Anagram Match keyword ~debit card~ began matching to searches for "bad credit", inquiries skyrocketed. “We were able to hit our new account openings goal for the first time in months, and that number is literally the only thing I care about,” said a member of the Customer Acquisition team.



A local funeral home located in Las Vegas, Nevada was able to use the Anagram match type to provide excellent up-funnel brand awareness for consumers engaging in high-risk forms of entertainment, such as bungee jumping or high-powered machine gun ranges. Their AM keyword ~Las Vegas funeral~ matched to the search term “real Las Vegas fun.”


As the new match type rolls out to all advertisers, we’re excited to hear about other discoveries that advertisers will surely make as they begin matching to a significantly expanded range of user queries.

Online Shopping Surpasses Retail During Black Friday and Cyber Monday

NPR's Morning Edition reports that during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the majority of consumers chose to shop online rather than in stores. According to a survey by the National Retail Federation, 44% of consumers shopped online over the Thanksgiving weekend, while 40% shopped in stores. Two quotes stuck out:

Sonari Glinton paraphrasing Sonia Lapinksy: "Consumers have gotten far more comfortable shopping on their phone. It's given the consumer the upper hand".


Sucharita Mulpuru: "When shoppers are choosing not to shop in your stores and are choosing instead to go into different channels, it basically highlights that you made a bet on a channel that did not have legs long term. You essentially made the wrong bet."

Consumers prefer information and convenience; accordingly, ecommerce is usurping physical retail. Thank goodness Delegator is here to help brands become more profitable and competitive online.

Stephen Culp Delivers Keynote Address at The Spirit of Innovation Awards

At the 2017 Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce's Spirit of Innovation Awards, Stephen Culp delivered the keynote address about innovation. Stephen is the Co-founder and CEO of Delegator. He has founded multiple companies in Chattanooga, including Smart FurniturePriceWaiter, and the nonprofit, CF Smackdown. Stephen discussed his path and motivations as well as the principle that every one of us is capable of innovation, whether it’s in our jobs, our families, or our communities. His speech begins at 39:19. Enjoy!

Google Analytics October 2016 Product Updates

The Google Analytics October 2016 Product Update email is out and some exciting new features were announced. 1. Google Optimize beta

A free version of Google's enterprise-class A/B testing and personalization product, Google Optimize 360.

2. "Unique Events" is a new metric coming to GA

Unique Events is a new metric coming to Google Analytics that counts the number of events with distinct Event attributes (Event Category, Action, and Label) that occur within a single user session. This means that Analytics will increment the count of Unique Events by 1 for each unique combination of event category/action/label we receive the very first time we see them within a session, but will ignore future events with the same category/action/label when computing unique event counts.

3. You can now move properties between Analytics accounts via "property moving".

"Many customers may have had a third party (eg. an agency) create a property for their website inside the third party’s Analytics account. This effectively housed the property into an account that someone else owns & controls. With property moving, it’s now possible to move such a property outside of its original account and into a new one so that the property owner can have full control of their property."

Google also notes:

"We know how expensive it can be to retag a website, so we took special care to ensure moving a property does not require any retagging. Moving a property can be completed entirely within Google Analytics’ Admin section."


Google Rolling Out Click-to-Message Extensions

Click-to-Message Extensions Roll Out Upcoming Click-to-message ad

(Photo credit: Google)

Another way for advertisers to engage with their clients, and another way Google can charge you for mobile clicks! Text message extensions are rolling out to an AdWords interface near you in the upcoming weeks. These extensions would live underneath existing extensions. Upon click, the user's default messaging app would open and have text pre-populated in the text message. Now, the text is customizable both ways, on the advertiser's end, and the user's end before the message is sent.

This move by Google signals their mobile-first mindset, meaning advertisers must adapt. If you need help keeping up with this ever-changing landscape, give us a shout!