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Delegator: A Google Premier Partner

badge-onlyAs the first Google Certified agency in the state of Tennessee, Delegator manages and optimizes digital advertising campaigns for clients around the country ranging from growing startup shops to $150M corporations. Today, we are pleased to announce we have been selected as a Google Premier Partner.

"I am very excited to announce Google's new tiered premier badge program which provides further differentiation and benefits for our most valued partners, like Delegator,” said Sara Waters, Agency Development Manager at Google. “As a Premier Google Partner, Delegator will have direct access to more resources from Google that will help drive forward their clients digital advertising strategies and meet their goals."

Google announced the new Premier Google Partner designation on their blog last Monday:

"[The program] is designed to recognize Partners who manage a substantial portfolio of Google advertising campaigns and deliver great results for their customers." --Allan Thygesen, VP Global Sales & Operations

"It's an honor to be recognized by Google for consistently producing positive results for our clients," said Stephen Culp, CEO of Delegator. "We've enjoyed our close relationship with Google, and we look forward to an increased level of support that will benefit our clients."

Google Visited Chattanooga!

On June 25th, Google and Delegator co-hosted an AdWords Digital Breakfast at Church on Main in Chattanooga, Tennessee. As the first Google certified agency in Tennessee, Delegator is proud to be an official Google Partner, which gives us access to Google resources and events like this one. google breakfast whole room

Local marketers attended the event to learn how mobile has changed the digital landscape, how remarketing can boost conversions, and how to get granular with tracking your return on ad spend.

This event was perfect for Chattanoogans with our burgeoning startup scene. We are hopeful that this event is a catalyst for local businesses to get in on the cutting edge of Google advertising, and we are hoping to invite Google back again next year!

google breakfast stephen

google breakfast eating

delegator adwords team photo

Thank you to Google and to all who attended! For anyone interested in learning more about online advertising, don't hesitate to reach out to our Delegator Google AdWords Professionals.

Irony, Man.

Source: By now, you’ve heard about the ‘controversy’ surrounding Iron Man 3’s dubious depiction of Chattanooga, TN as a backwoods hick town with internet so deplorable the world might end.  For any of you actually living in Chattanooga, this is comical (Iron Man is a comic book, afterall), as ‘The Gig City’ is a beautiful, populous town, with a cutting edge broadband infrastructure rivaled by few in the world.   

The chuckles might nervously trail when one considers that that Verizon FiOS, boasting "Internet speeds that will rock the competition", is one of the main promotional sponsors of Iron Man 3.

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 11.41.28 AM

Surely it's a coincidence that all the other small towns in Iron Man 3 are fictional except Chattanooga, whose sole plot line contribution is 'slow internet', right?

Surely there isn't some Verizon guy in a suit who thought it would be clever to rip Chattanooga for slow internet, just because he can, right?

If so.... not sure he thought it through, as the publicity has been priceless, and the content flowing fast -- roughly a gig a second.

We love irony, man!

Andrew Scarbrough Named YP Entrepreneur Of The Year

We'd like to congratulate our very own Andrew Scarbrough for being named Entrepreneur of the Year by the Young Professional Association of Chattanooga!  Nearly 150 people were present for the YP Awards ceremony last Friday that "recognizes outstanding artists, businesses, community servants and young professionals in the Chattanooga community."  This is the 5th year YPAC has awarded a local professional in Chattanooga with the YP Entrepreneur of the Year award. As Co-Founder and VP of Operations here at Delegator, Andrew has helped forge a culture of entrepreneurship both on the for-profit side ( and non-profit side (  Delegator is a company of entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, and our mission is to help growing companies focus on their mission, and confidently delegate the rest.  When forming Delegator, Andrew and co-founder Stephen Culp decided that part of our mission would include giving part of our time to charitable causes.  Andrew has helped carry out this mission in various ways, including being a part of the founding team of  Causeway is a civic engagement hub -- a platform for pairing worthy causes with ways to address them.  Causeway's goal is to support civic entrepreneurs -- the civic equivalent of the scrappy, hard-working small businessperson who sees an opportunity to make something work better.  And in this case, the community is the one who profits.

Congratulations Andrew on a well-deserved award!

Mad Gravity Chooses to Manage Strategic Web Marketing Goals in 2011 Will Manage, Measure and Optimize Web Marketing for

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. -- and Mad Gravity announced today that will provide web analytics, search engine optimization, paid search, display advertising, and social media consulting services to, an enterprise group messaging application that helps organizations with group communication.

“Delegator is pleased to be working with the talented team at Mad Gravity,” said Stephen Culp, CEO of “Like Delegator, Mad Gravity wears innovation on their sleeve, and understands that the best innovation is the kind that helps customers solve a problem or achieve a goal,” Culp added.  “Yaptap is just such an innovation, and Delegator looks forward to accelerating the growth of its customer base.”

“Yaptap will help a wide range of groups --from churches to schools to businesses-- to be more connected, more informed, and more productive,” said Andrew Scarbrough, Vice President at Delegator and Project Lead.  “Such a great product deserves great marketing, and Delegator is excited about the opportunities and potential of our partnership with Yaptap.”

To lead the effort, Delegator will manage, measure and optimize Mad Gravity’s web marketing strategy and execution.  Delegator will focus on creating quality content, white-hat search engine optimization, and creative pay-per-click advertising.  At the same time, Delegator and Yaptap will cater to Yaptap’s quickly expanding user base through improved performance and web analytics.

“We selected Delegator because we were impressed with the results they’ve been able to consistently achieve for their clients,” said Jeff Cole, Chief Marketing Officer, Mad Gravity. “We needed a top caliber interactive firm to extend our brand message and help drive sales. We believe there is no one better suited for the job.”

About Mad Gravity Mad Gravity developers of Yaptap –  the leading enterprise web and mobile group communications and messaging software, and Youth Assistant the leading youth ministry software solution for more than 10,000 churches across the U.S. and Canada.

About Delegator was born of necessity, as a growing company designed for growing companies.  Founded by a team of successful entrepreneurs, Delegator manages critical on-demand business services like SEO, PPC advertising, social media, local search, web development, video production, ecommerce and web analytics. Delegator’s mission is to help growing companies focus on their mission, and confidently delegate the rest.