“Hold the Door” - An A/B Testing Case Study of Doorstops

Hodor hodor! Hodor. At Delegator, one of our core mantras is to be data-driven. Every day, we look for ways to enhance clients’ campaigns and return a better ROI. A big part of this philosophy is that we are always A/B testing things behind the scenes. We regularly test ad language, bid modifiers, landing pages, and more to ensure we’re putting our best foot forward.

Our mantra of “Always Be Testing” isn’t limited to just our clients, though. We are always testing things around the office to maximize our workflow and productivity. To prove that point, we have been strenuously testing a wide variety of doorstops to see which one is the one, true champion. Metrics such as price, immobility, material composition, and torture testing (swift kicks) were all taken into account and eventually there emerged a clear winner.

Doorstops - There can be only one.

Bear witness to the inferior doorstops bowing before the one true doorstop.

All jokes aside, we do take our jobs very seriously. We live and die by results and a big component of driving results is creative thinking and a good testing approach. We hypothesize how we can generate more revenue for our clients’ campaigns and test those theories. Finally, we validate them with data and choose the winners - rinse and repeat.