Google Announces Anagram Match Type

Google has announced that beginning April 1, advertisers will have a new match type option in their toolkit: Anagram Match. Building on the success of the recent change to Exact Match, in which matching uses variations in word order, Google is taking it a step further and matching keywords to search queries that contain any order of the keyword’s individual letters.

Now, advertisers will no longer have to manually create every possible permutation of the individual characters in their keywords to expand the reach of their ads. Google will do the anagramming work for you and begin matching to search queries that have some possibility of relevance. Users can mark keywords as Anagram Match by bracketing them in tildes, e.g. ~keyword~.

In the official announcement, Google showcased a few early case studies from select advertisers who took part in the limited Beta program.

Trust Safety Bank found success in opening debit card accounts for customers with poor credit scores, a part of the market that had been previously overlooked (and, in fact, expressly forbidden) by their CEO and Chief Risk Officer. After the Anagram Match keyword ~debit card~ began matching to searches for "bad credit", inquiries skyrocketed. “We were able to hit our new account openings goal for the first time in months, and that number is literally the only thing I care about,” said a member of the Customer Acquisition team.



A local funeral home located in Las Vegas, Nevada was able to use the Anagram match type to provide excellent up-funnel brand awareness for consumers engaging in high-risk forms of entertainment, such as bungee jumping or high-powered machine gun ranges. Their AM keyword ~Las Vegas funeral~ matched to the search term “real Las Vegas fun.”


As the new match type rolls out to all advertisers, we’re excited to hear about other discoveries that advertisers will surely make as they begin matching to a significantly expanded range of user queries.