Online Shopping Surpasses Retail During Black Friday and Cyber Monday

NPR's Morning Edition reports that during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the majority of consumers chose to shop online rather than in stores. According to a survey by the National Retail Federation, 44% of consumers shopped online over the Thanksgiving weekend, while 40% shopped in stores. Two quotes stuck out:

Sonari Glinton paraphrasing Sonia Lapinksy: "Consumers have gotten far more comfortable shopping on their phone. It's given the consumer the upper hand".


Sucharita Mulpuru: "When shoppers are choosing not to shop in your stores and are choosing instead to go into different channels, it basically highlights that you made a bet on a channel that did not have legs long term. You essentially made the wrong bet."

Consumers prefer information and convenience; accordingly, ecommerce is usurping physical retail. Thank goodness Delegator is here to help brands become more profitable and competitive online.