SoDA Report Gives Agencies a Glimpse at the Future

Soda Report: Digital Marketing Outlook

While marketing creativity held a steady second place in value comparison to 2015, the newly introduced strategic leadership was declared the most valued skill in clients’ relationships with their agencies. This supports the notion that clients are prioritizing execution over big ideas when it comes to agency relationships. Considering that emerging technologies topped the list last year, we believe this may also point to a trend of getting back to digital fundamentals, where clients are remembering that trendy tech is fun to talk about but may not be as successful at helping them reach their goals as solid data-driven strategy.

A must read for any agency, the SoDA report spawns from an alliance of 100 or so digital agencies, ranging the geographical spectrum. Along with many other points, the report reemphasizes the need for clients and agencies to be agile, but not stray away from the foundation of what makes your business run.

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