AdWords Importing Call Conversions

Measure the Value of Calls with Imported Call Conversions

Previously, advertisers have been able to measure call conversions using call length... Imported call conversions now allows you to go a step beyond call length and measure the true conversion value of paid calls from mobile click-to-call ads or your website.

There has always been a slight disconnect between calls that led to a sale and AdWords ads. Now, they can talk to each other a bit more with Imported Call Conversions that Google is rolling out over the next few weeks. As advertisers track their phone calls and import them into Google's new feature, Google will automatically match up those conversions with those calls, all the way down to the Keyword level.

A few pitfalls, however. Calls can't be tracked or matched from other sources. From Google's support documentation:

AdWords can only match and import calls from your Google click-to-call and call-only ads. If your upload includes other sources, these calls won’t be counted as conversions.

Also, they can't track calls from desktop or tablet ads, so Mobile only. There is a work around but it involves counting users that encounter an error message. Again, from the support documentation:

Manually dialed calls from desktop and tablet ads aren’t supported yet. (Though AdWords does support calls from your website after someone clicks a desktop or tablet ad.) You can measure what percentage of your calls fall into this category by filtering the results for the error message "AdWords can’t import calls that are manually dialed from desktop or tablet ads" with the error code DESKTOP_CALL_NOT_SUPPORTED.