Turn Up The Volume On Facebook Videos

85 percent of Facebook video is watched without sound:

Facebook might be hosting upwards of 8 billion views per day on its platform, but a wide majority of that viewership is happening in silence.

As much as 85 percent of video views happen with the sound off, according to multiple publishers. Take, for instance, feel-good site LittleThings, which is averaging 150 million monthly views on Facebook so far this year. Eighty-five percent of its viewership is occurring without users turning the sound on. Similarly, millennial news site Mic, which is also averaging 150 million monthly Facebook views, said 85 percent of its 30-second views are without sound. PopSugar said its silent video views range between 50 and 80 percent.

This is certainly an interesting metric of advertisers, but I don't think it tells the whole story. I believe there is an element of spurious association to blame. Because Facebook videos autoplay, a reasonable person would assume that a significant portion of the 85% receive little to no attention. So it isn't only a flashback to the days of silent movies, but more so a highway billboard that you blow by without even noticing.