Circling Back On Google's 4-Pack Ad

Google Ad 4-pack now shown for 23% of all online search topics:

  • Google's Ad 4-pack now shown for 23% of all online search topics.
  • Searches indicating purchase intent are six times more likely than all other searches to display this four-pack of ads.
  • Searches with discovery intent have a 69% higher click-through-rate (CTR) for the top five search results, as compared to purchase-intent searches.
  • The CPCs fell, but CTRs rose for ads serving in the No. 4 position [...] producing the best outcome.

With the death of the AdWords' sidebar and the increasing competition for many advertising verticals, more than ever advertisers have to aware of the intent they target. Certainly a good strategy will include targeting folks throughout the sales funnel, but the value for each step should be considerably different. You would obviously pay a lot more for a searcher displaying the intent to purchase and a searcher who is still researching.

Additionally, one unlikely outcome of the recent change included a huge boost for ads in position 4. This is a challenge to advertisers, as Google only displays this 4th position for 23% of all online search topics. So although the 4 slot provides a better value, it is a riskier play than higher positions because if the 4 slot isn't available above the organic listings, then you are bumped to the bottom of the page.