Protect Against Duplicate Conversions Data in Analytics

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Starting today, advertisers can insert Order IDs into AdWords conversion tags to automatically filter out duplicate conversions from the same device. By minimizing duplicate conversions and reviewing more accurate conversion data, you can make better budget and bidding decisions for your campaigns.

Until this update, advertisers added website code to make sure conversion tags didn’t fire again when people refreshed or returned to confirmation pages. For example, if you’re a hotel brand, you may notice customers returning to their booking confirmation pages, perhaps to find the reservation number or room check-in time the day before a trip. By including an Order ID into conversion tags, AdWords will not count these subsequent conversions with the same Order ID, so they won’t show up in your reporting.

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Although the negative impact has not been significant for most industries, it is nice to see Analytics taking steps to protect the accuracy of traffic data. At least now advertisers have a tool to protect against this sort of data bias.