Just How Frustrating Is Web Advertising?

Majority of users frustrated by disruptive ads, aware of ad blocking [Survey]:

A new global consumer survey from Accenture shows growing consumer frustration with ads and a desire of some to opt out of ads entirely.






When thinking about stats like this, two immediate responses come to mind:

  • Online ads are still done relatively poorly. They are largely irrelevant and largely based on interruption - like radio commercials in the early nineties (remember when the commercials were 2x louder than the content you were listening to?). The technology is there to do them well. But many low-level marketers are sloppy in their implementation.
  • Outside of SEM, ad placements on mobile devices comes at a significant disadvantage from a usability standpoint. It seems that advertising has far outpaced either the technology or screen size of those devices, making for a slow and cumbersome surfing experience.