The Perception of Digital Ads By Demographic

How different demographics ‘really feel about ads’:

[eZanga] recently conducted research looking into how consumers “really feel about ads,” covering a wide range of demographics and ad topics including sentiment, interaction, sponsored content, pay-per-call, mobile video and ad blockers.

Some of their findings included:

  • 75% of digital ad clicks are unintentional
  • Respondents 35 and older reported being the most capable of identifying ads
  • 31% of Gen Z respondents reported rarely being exposed to mobile ads, a result that eZanga concluded meant that the demographic simply couldn’t identify ads on mobile devices
  • 48% of millennials reported having positive feelings about the format and stating native ads are more informative than traditional ads
  • respondents 54 and up reporting the highest use of ad blockers

I couldn’t have said it better myself:

Although digital marketing is constantly evolving with new ad formats and new channels coming to the fore on a regular basis, at the most basic level, marketing is still about understanding your audience. Giving them what they want to see and how they want to see it is the true test.