"Are my Click Through Rates (CTR) Good?"

AdWords Industry Benchmarks Average CTR Source: WordStream.com The short answer - it depends. The average CTR across all industries analyzed in WordStream's study (which includes over a billion dollars in annualized AdWords spend) was 1.91% on Google's search network and 0.35% on the display network. That said, the dating and personals industry has a much higher average CTR of 3.4% for search ads while the legal and industrial services industries see an average CTR much closer to 1.4%.

Display CTR's range wildly with technology averaging a 0.84% CTR while B2B, Consumer Services, Education, Employment Services, and Real Estate all come in under a 0.25% CTR.

The key takeaway from this data? Context. E-commerce is a broad industry bucket so its 1.66% CTR is far from black and white but if you're averaging a 3.5% search CTR you could be doing exponentially better than the competition in any of these industries. On the flip side, if you're hovering around a 1.50% CTR then you may very well just be "average". Continual improvement of your account should always be a big focus with PPC efforts. This can range from finding new keyword opportunities, driving quality score improvement, testing ad copy, utilizing ad extensions effectively, and more. Don't settle for mediocrity!