3 Upcoming Trends In Google Shopping

3 upcoming trends in paid search:

Bigger/badder Google Shopping results

Google Shopping results could get bigger (especially on desktop computers), or we could see them repeated in other places on the SERPs. Folks have already reported seeing Google Shopping ads in image search. This is obviously one of many ways Google may choose to further monetize page content.

Local paid search product

I wouldn’t be surprised to see “local” become a paid product a la Google Shopping (Remember when Google Shopping was free?).

Recently, Google has made some changes to their local results with Local Business Cards, and the carousel looks eerily similar to Google Shopping.

I believe Local Inventory Ads (LIA) are Google’s first kick at this can. LIA ads (shown in the example below) highlight how far the nearest store is to you and show specific store inventory.

Screen-Shot-2016-03-18-at-12.46.54-PM The monetization of local could certainly convert into significant revenues for Google (or the other search engines).

Paid messenger ads

As chatting and instant messaging become more popular (and ultimately another marketing channel), we could easily see shopping results introduced into our chat conversations. Facebook may already be thinking of this with what those in the industry are referring to as the “Messenger Bot Store.”

Google is working on a new chat service, as well. It will reportedly allow users to not only message friends, but also to perform searches. Users could text a question, and a chatbot would respond to the question in the same conversation thread.

This is obviously designed to keep people using Google search, and it’s possible that Google hopes to be able to monetize it in some way, shape or form.

It's no surprise that Google Shopping's steady takeover of the above-the-fold SERP space would coincide with increasing monetization strategies.  But with PLA's playing an increasing role in ecommerce accounts, Google has earned the right to. The results are there.