Converting Shoppers During the 2014 Holiday Season

Some say it’s the most wonderful time of the year, but in digital marketing land, we can all agree that it’s at least the most hectic time of the year. The holidays are upon us, which means it’s time to prepare for maxing out conversions on the most profitable days of the retail year. Brace Yourselves: The Holidays Are Coming

Since this time can be so overwhelming, we've wrapped four early holiday presents for online retailers and marketers. Don't forget to unwrap slowly and savor each gift!

1. Google has provided a handy online holiday shopping calendar.

Check out what last year's shoppers were doing at this time of year. You're welcome.

google holiday 2013

2. Make promotions obvious, and put them everywhere.

Customers are ready to spend money. Try not to spend a huge amount of energy on how masterfully-crafted or strategically-placed your promotions are. Unlike the rest of the year, shoppers will be looking very specifically for deals on your site, so the more obvious and ubiquitous they are, the better.

3. Don't neglect the entire conversion funnel.

This is one mistake that is easy to make. So much time is spent on strategizing and creating holiday creative that thoroughly checking the entire conversion funnel is often overlooked.

Remember: most online retailers will have deals, including your competitors. This is a time when you're more vulnerable than ever to losing a customer to the competition if the entire process from landing on the site to checking out isn't a smooth ride. Checkout forms can and do have bugs. Editing a shopping cart should be as easy as tossing an item out of the cart at a department store. Are your most profitable items the easiest to find on product listing pages? Walk through the whole process dozens of times on your site, and have others do it, too. You could be missing some key opportunities to secure transactions.

4. Turn these would be one-time shoppers into lifetime customers.

Your store is worth more than a 50% Cyber Monday discount. This is a good time to reflect on what value you bring to a customer. Why should they not only love that jacket they got for 50% off on your site, but also love you? We're existing in a time when the online shopping landscape is dominated by some key players like Amazon, so online retailers are looking at how to carve their own space by forming relationships and community with their customers.

Your customer service should be the absolute best, and not just because you want to use it as a trust value on your site.

Your site should be a hub of activity. Infuse personality and community into your site to a level that is appropriate for your audience. Social media helps gain a following, but you're going to make the money on your website. Bring the community there.

Create a story, and invite customers to be a part of it. Many shoppers today crave authenticity and entertainment. You have a chance to reach them at this level and be their peer. It's so easy to throw some products up on a website, but how do you make those products so relevant to your customer that they have no choice but to buy and come back?

Happy Holidays

There you have it: four gifts from Delegator to you this holiday season. It's time to see this holiday season differently from the past. You know the opportunity is there. We'd be happy to come on the ride with you if any help is needed, but if not,  happy holidays, and may the coupon codes be used aplenty.