3 Facebook Page Customizations ANYONE Can Make

In today's business culture, marketing can be costly. Social media has provided a means for free advertising if used effectively. To make sure you have a competitive edge, follow three easy steps for customizing your business' Facebook page.


One of the first things that people will see on your business Facebook page is your cover photo, so it is important to make it both visually appealing and portray the bottom line of your business. If you are not aesthetically inclined, you may try choosing a vague image that can be overlaid with some text, such as your company’s tagline.

Keep in mind that the size of the cover photo is 851px x 315px. If the image is any larger, Facebook will crop it. If you are looking for a way to resize your image, try using a free app for Mac called ResizeIt. If you are working in Windows, you can resize images in Paint.

As for your profile picture, I recommend sticking with your company logo. This is what people are going to see when you like a new page or leave a comment. The image specifications are a little more complicated for a profile picture. The image needs to be 180px x 180px but Facebook will crop it to 160px x 160px, so make sure you have some white space around your logo to keep it from being cropped.

Delegator Facebook Screenshot


The next thing you want to do is customize your application tabs. Woobox.com has some great free options for doing this quickly. You can easily add a tab for Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, and your blog.

Once you sign up for WooBox, it will prompt you to link your Facebook account. From here when you add things to WooBox, it will sync with your Facebook account. After you have added all the accounts you want, you should go back to Facebook and arrange your tabs. Keep in mind that you can only see three accounts in the main tab. Anything else you add will be hidden. You can swap your "Likes" tab and your "Maps" tab out for other accounts. The only one you can't move is the "Photos" tab.

Customized Facebook Tabs


Finally, it is important that your content is interesting and informative. Start with the summary under the profile picture. What does it portray about your business? This is a great spot to add a link to your website.

Next, make sure the About info, Basic info, and Contact info are filled out and up-to-date. This will make it easier for potential clients or customers to contact you. In order to keep users engaged, make sure you  post a couple times a week at a minimum. If you are looking for ideas of what you should post, consider your blog posts or tips for your customers.